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Men's and Women's TTT

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Ponferrada, the capital of the region of Bierzo in the North East of the province of Leon and of the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon, will host the 2014 UCI Road World Championships. The city of Ponferrada has a population of 70,000 while the region as whole, including the districts of Laciana, La Cabrera and Valdeorras, is home to some 200,000 people.

Castile and Leon ...

The Italian Autumn Classics

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Trittico Regione Lombardia

The Trittico Lombardo is a series of three consecutive one day races in the northern Italian region of Lombardia over a total effort of 592km. The event will start on Tuesday with the oldest of the three races, the Coppa Benrocchi, taking place for the 96th time. It is followed by the 68th Coppa ...

Velogames Vuelta 2014

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Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!

Challenge the mighty Mellow Velo if you dare!

League Name:   Velorooms
League Code: 17211039

Transfers/Rumors 14-15

just some guy
just some guy
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Transfers & Rumours 2014-2015

This thread is where you can go to post or view any of the latest transfer gossip of news coming from the professional peloton.

Ok so a bit early but this is for 2015

Luka Pibernik has signed a pre contract with #lampre

will ride for them 2015, if my Spanish is right

Please Click

Worlds, Ponferrada 2014

just some guy
just some guy
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Since 2011, when the event took place in Copenhagen (Denmark), the junior event is again back during the Road Cycling World Championship week. As a result, and as in Valkenburg 2012 and Florence 2013, 12 titles will be up for competition this year. It means that Ponferrada 2014 will see the crowning of 12 new world champions.

It was at the Copenhagen event that the UCI Managemen

The American Wheelmen

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Wandering the web yesterday evening, and more specifically the Open Library I came across publications by the "American League of Wheelmen", the first American Cycle Touring group, that started in the late 1800's and still survives today to some extent, as the League of American Cyclists. They also acted as the governing body for Cycling in America till the turn of the 20th century.

Throught the late 1800's they were th...

Cycling GM: What to do?

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Cycling Team GM - What would you do?

Basically came up with this idea, why not make a thread where we could discuss what moves we would make if we was running a team, these can of cause be either questions such as "What should Lampre do to revamp their roster?" or "Which of these rider packages would you like more on your team?"

Now to kick it off which of these would you rather sign (To the same money, 2 year deals)?

Option A: Laurent Didier...

Vuelta 2014 Discussion

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The director of the Vuelta

Click Here

The Key quote:

The course of 2014 we have practically done. We're putting it together. The situation is complicated for municipalities and found a great ally in the provincial and autonomous communities. Do not think I have many top finishes, but it's what people want.

So simply, they don't have as many...

Whats new

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Update 4th April
Today we finally launch our new look homepage. The basic structure stays the same but we now can feature our top topics and articles in an easy to view format. Colour coded and categorised by Races, Discussion, News as well as site news, Archive articles and Games. Creating a welcoming homepage to regular visitors as well as new members and guests.

Welcome to the new look Velorooms. While the look may appear drastic at first, the site is largely the same b...

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