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Abu Dhabi Tour

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Abu Dhabi Tour, maps & Profiles

~pdf [url=

Tour of Almaty

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Tour of Almaty

The great Tour of Almaty is back, and fortunately we are all invited!

"Dear friends! One of the greatest sport events, International road cycling race "Tour of Almaty 2015", is going to take place already next Sunday! Don't miss it!!! 20 teams from 17 countries of the world! Come to support Kazakhstan teams!"

Women's Cycling Transfers 15-16

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Silly season is underway.

First transfer:
Emma J #gew --> #wiggle

Looking forward to her 2016 #champse jersey - should be a full jersey instead of that nonsense #gew gave her.

Hidden Motors

just some guy
just some guy
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This popped up the other day. No names now this video

not sure it shows much. And a spinning tire would move a bike, but it does seem to get away from Ryder :D

The Womens Hour

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This turned into quite a debate on twitter, to catch up check @festinagirl @_Pigeons and myself.

Some against it saying it doesnt have the prestige, others arguing that with the hype around the hour at the moment it would be an excellent chance of promotion for the womens side of the sport..

the uci records:
46.065 km/h Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel (NED), 1 October 2003
45.094 km/h Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA), December 2000
44.767 km/h Jeannie Longo-Cipre...

The Austral Wheel Race

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Was just purging my old laptop of its stuff when I found this.... First part of a few which will be completed in time, weekly, monthly, quarterly. I can't say for sure. The posts will go in a chronological manner as far as possible.

The Austral Wheel Race is Australia’s longest surviving professional bicycle race, and the oldest continuing handicap race in the world. The start date of the Aus...

Women´s World Tour

just some guy
just some guy
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Ok folks the UCI has released the news we all knew was coming the Womens World Tour WWT starts 2016

2 tier teams

The UCI Women’s WorldTour events shall be open to national teams and UCI
women's teams.
For one-day events the organiser must send an invitation:
- to the first 20 UCI women's teams in the first elite women's classification by team
published in the year of the event. This ranking is published at the latest on 10th
January, based on a spo...

Stagiaire 2015

just some guy
just some guy
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1st up not so unexpected


Proud to announce you,that Floris Gerts (NED)&Tom Bohli (SUI) are passing stagiers with BMC Racing Team #BMC#Devo#Team

Loic Vliegen will also be riding with the team in August I guess as he has signed for 2016 if I remember correctly

2015 Vuelta CQ game

Armchair Cyclist
Armchair Cyclist
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Sorry it is late: I trust that you knew it was coming anyway...

The game is as before: 9 riders, 3500 points.  If you need the details, here they are:

Team of exactly nine riders.  Teams with fewer riders will be filled out with cheapest riders available (2nd sort criteria will be alphabetical by surname).  If quota of nine cannot be reached in this manner (eg, 8 riders totalling exactly 3500, no free riders starting race) team will be disqualified.<...

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