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Road Nats 2016

just some guy
just some guy
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And that time of the year Cold and dark in Europe and the lands Down Under are warming up and Road Nats in Australia and New Zealand kick off the year

1st Up *au


24 Nov 2015 , by Cycling Australia

MARS 2016 Cycling Australia Road National Championships, January 6-10, Ballarat

When the calendar turns to 2016, the Road to Rio for Australia’s road cyclists will begin at the MARS 2016 Cycling Australia Road

Tour du Rwanda

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It's November - time for one of the biggest stage races in Africa, the Tour du Rwanda.

Race history
A UCI race since 2009, the palmarès of the race reads like a Who's Who of African cycling. The crowds at the roadside are immense, and the support for the Rwandan riders fanatical, but always fair.
In the ...

Women's Cycling Transfers 15-16

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Silly season is underway.

First transfer:
Emma J #gew --> #wiggle

Looking forward to her 2016 #champse jersey - should be a full jersey instead of that nonsense #gew gave her.

Full team Rosters 2016 Mens

just some guy
just some guy
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1st up with their Full roster #trek

Trek Factory Racing 2016:
Returning (18):
Eugenio Alafaci, Julian Arredondo, Fumy Beppu, Fabian Cancellara, Marco Coledan, Stijn Devolder, Laurent Didier, Fabio Felline, Markel Irizar, Bauke Mollema, Giacomo Nizzolo, Yaroslav Popovych, Gregory Rast, Fränk Schleck, Jasper Stuyven, Boy Van Poppel, Riccardo Zoidl and Haimar Zubeldia.
New (7):
Julien Bernard, Jack Bobridge, Niccolo Bonifazio, Ryder Hesjedal, Kiel Reijne...

TDF 2016 General discussion

just some guy
just some guy
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Organisers of the Tour de France, the ASO, today announced the award of the Grand Départ for the 2016 edition of the race to the department of Manche in the Lower Normandy region.

The Austral Wheel Race

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Was just purging my old laptop of its stuff when I found this.... First part of a few which will be completed in time, weekly, monthly, quarterly. I can't say for sure. The posts will go in a chronological manner as far as possible.

The Austral Wheel Race is Australia’s longest surviving professional bicycle race, and the oldest continuing handicap race in the world. The start date of the Aus...

interview the interviewers

just some guy
just some guy
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Many of us follow various people on twitter, read the articles, books they write or listen to them on Eurosport or on a cycling Podcast. Much of the time we are taking in information they they are providing on the facts at that time, do you every wonder what they the person behind the keyboard or microphone really think?

Well I do, I sometime ask on twitter  :D , so we decided to ask the same 5 questions to various Cycling people to see what they say.

The Questions are ...

Colombian cycling

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Tidying up my collection of stuff that's been accumulating since last year, I'm finally starting this thread.

Colombian cycling is a weird one:
On the one hand you have the Colombian races dominated by the 'usual suspects' led by a certain Óscar Sevilla. And not only that - the riders that place on the podium, or even in the top-10, hardly ever make it out of Colombia or South America unless they can show results in non-Colombian (preferably non-Latin American) races as well.

Velorooms collective CQ team 2016

just some guy
just some guy
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Yes it seems that time of the year is here :rasmussen

1st up who is in

# name
2 Leadbelly
5Not my circus
15 CJ
20 DBCoop
21 Josedin

Leadbelly came up with an idea of no rider from ...

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