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Tour of Rwanda

just some guy
just some guy
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As controversy reigned in the build-up to the race, the week long Tour du Rwanda will finally kick off on Sunday. Three teams- Novo Nordisk Development Team, Switzerland's Loup Sport and Australia's Scody Down Under withdrew from the race a couple of days ago citing the Ebola scare as cause much to the chagrin of FERWACY (Rwanda's cycling federation) president Aimable Bayingana. Rwanda, an Ebola fre...

Q&A: Jonas Orset

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Q&A Session: Jonas Orset

Velorooms is happy to announce a Q&A session with Jonas Orset from the China Wuxi Jilun Cycling Team, with which he just finished the Tour of Taihu Lake. Contrary to the other recent Q&As, he will not be present to answer your questions live on here, but you can ask questions throughout next week and he will answer them by e-mail after his season has finished on November 17th.

Like most young ...

Off-season guessing game

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I think it was jsg who came up with the idea after we did a mini version in the chatbox, or maybe cj, anyway the idea is that a CQ graph gets posted, then the person who guesses which rider the graph belongs to gets to post another graph. That person then gets a points. So every time you guess a graph, post a new graph and post a list of names with points

For example
Flo 2
search 4
CJ 3

CJ gets a point and posts
Flo 2
search 4...

On which side..?

Sauna in Duvel
Sauna in Duvel
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On which side does Sir or Madame... Braze?

Hello :)

I have for a long time, wanted to build my own Frame. I am a bit magnetised to older steel road bikes and latterly, mountain bikes. When I was a kid of about 14 years I went to a Bike Shop in Brighton, which, unlike many, was not a big storefront with well lit, off the peg bikes. It was a business called Rigden cycles. Up a staircase, on a slightly run-down bit of Central Brighton, was a ma...

Team sponsorship 14/15

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So looks like Cannondale will be no more at the end of the season.

Cannondale to move their sponsorship to the Tinkoff team, the former leaky team without a sponsor. Sadly I predicted this in January, but everyone on twitter insisted Cannondale had loads of money.. They forget the old leaky owners were still paying for the team last year.

Specialised to the new Alonso team?


The Hour record

just some guy
just some guy
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The Hour record

Ok so we have a fabian thread but news is hoting up, so I thought a Genral thread for all info and if we want we can have individual for those riders who have a go

Rule Changes:

+ they are reverting to one single record which will be based on rules for current track bikes
+ Boardman, Obree's timings etc will be re-instated in the record books along with those of Moser, Indurain and Rominger
+ Bizarrely, the reco...

UCI Road Map For Cycling

just some guy
just some guy
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The UCI has now confirmed its plan for reshaping (And re-invigorating) the World Tour structure and teams. Originally planned for 2020 they now have brought this plan forward to 2018.


1. Organisation of the calendar
• The season runs from February through October
• Over all weekends and in particular on all Sundays
• No overlap between events
• No competition amongst first and second division events
• 6 weeks of unint...

TDF Teams of the Century

just some guy
just some guy
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As most will have seen, Cycling Australia is having a TDF team of the century,  50 riders from OZ have ridden, there are rules

2 GC hopes

2 GC helpers

1 Sprinter

2 Sprint train

1 All rounder

1 Road Captain

and no rider with any Darkside problems ie postive test or admission.

And that's where is gets hard  ;)

so as I was doing stuff last night I started thinking of the *usa and *de and it got...

Whats new

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Update 4th April
Today we finally launch our new look homepage. The basic structure stays the same but we now can feature our top topics and articles in an easy to view format. Colour coded and categorised by Races, Discussion, News as well as site news, Archive articles and Games. Creating a welcoming homepage to regular visitors as well as new members and guests.

Welcome to the new look Velorooms. While the look may appear drastic at first, the site is largely the same b...

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