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Giro d'Italia: Stage 13

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On their recent Recon Ride podcast, Dane Cash of VeloHuman and Cosmo Catalano of Cyclocosm described this as the most boring Grand Tour stage profile they had ever seen. Not even a mosquito-bite sized lump for the entire day, and at only 147km this stage has 'rolling rest day' written all over it.

Indeed, if the KM makers were removed, one would be forgiven for mistaking this for the profile of a prologue rather...

Stage 12 - Imola > Vicenza (190km)

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Stage 12 - Imola > Vicenza

After a challenging stage 11 the day before, there's another hilly stage on the program for day 12 of this year's Giro d'Italia with the peloton heading northwards to Vicenza, with the Dolomites looking omniously.

[img width=180 height=180]http

Tour of Chongming Island

just some guy
just some guy
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Ok folks not sure how this will go but it is a stage race and thena  World cup round so I could not give up.

The website is in Mandarin Chinese and Google translate not working well, and the website just plan sucks

UCI Women's Road World Cup tournament in 2015 the basic situation
    State Sports General Administration, Shanghai Municipal People's G

Il Giro: The Preview

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The Route

The Giro is famed for its gruelling and uncompromising climbing. Whilst the Tour may have its intricate cobbles and the Vuelta its plethora of Mountain Top finishes,
the Giro's unrelenting climbs stand out. This year at first glance the Tour has decided to buck the trend and encroach on the Giro's territory, cutting down...

Hidden Motors

just some guy
just some guy
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This popped up the other day. No names now this video

not sure it shows much. And a spinning tire would move a bike, but it does seem to get away from Ryder :D

The Austral Wheel Race

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Was just purging my old laptop of its stuff when I found this.... First part of a few which will be completed in time, weekly, monthly, quarterly. I can't say for sure. The posts will go in a chronological manner as far as possible.

The Austral Wheel Race is Australia’s longest surviving professional bicycle race, and the oldest continuing handicap race in the world. The start date of the Aus...

The Big Giro Quiz

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After a false start last year, this year, throughout the Giro new quizzes will appear regularly for you to test your all round knowledge and memory on all things Giro related.

Taking part in a quiz is simple. Simply go to the quiz section on the website (Games>Quiz) or Click Here[/u...

Astana Doping thread

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The Iglinskiy Family: EPO Positives

Valentin Iglinskiy (ASTANA) has tested positive for EPO in the ENECO Tour.

UCI has put him on the list of people that provisionally suspended:

Click for Info

2015 Giro CQ game

Armchair Cyclist
Armchair Cyclist
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Here we go again...

Most of you already know most of this: the substantial changes (dates, one rule change) are underlined to aid the lazy reader...


Team of exactly nine riders.  Teams with fewer riders will be filled out with cheapest riders available (2nd sort criteria will be alphabetical by surname).  If quota of nine cannot be reached in this manner (eg, 8 riders totalling exactly 3500, no free riders starting race) team will be di...

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