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Title Owner Description Category Play Limit Qs Secs
2015 Classics Quiz Dim How well do you remember the 2015 Classics season? Top Level 1 15 10
2015 Spring Cycling Quiz Dim Test your knowledge on the opening four months of the cycling season Top Level 1 15 10
Giro 2015 - Week One Dim What do you remember of Week 1 of the 2015 Giro Giro d'Italia 1 11 30
Giro d'Italia - Team Leaders (2003 to 2014) Dim Can you remember the team leaders - wore number 1 dossard - for various teams and Giro's. (Numbers represent number of letters in their first name and then surname) Giro d'Italia 2 20 60
Giro d'Italia beginners Quiz Dim An easy(ish) introduction to the Giro Giro d'Italia 2 15 30
Giro d'Italia Climbs (Picture Quiz) Dim Can you name the iconic climbs? Giro d'Italia 2 10 30
Giro d'Italia Winners (Historic) Dim A sightly trickier quiz, can you name the historic winners from the clues Giro d'Italia 2 10 30
Giro winners anagrams Dim Can you find the Giro d'Italia winners from the anagrams? Giro d'Italia 2 10 120
Legends of the Giro - Marco Pantani Dim A Quiz all about Marco Pantani and the Giro Giro d'Italia 2 10 30
What was the Year? (Picture Quiz) Dim Can you pick the year from these iconic images? Giro d'Italia 2 15 30
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