Revoution 39  (Views: 311 - Rates: 0)

Round 3 of the 2012-13 Revolution Series
Running time: 45 minutes


 No    Event    Detail
Ev1    Revolution Sprint - Semi Finals   
Ev2    Championship Flying Lap   12 Riders
Ev3    DHL Future Stars Girls 6 Lap Dash   1.5km
Ev4    Revolution Sprint - Losers Handicap   1.5km
Ev5    Championship Elimination Race   
Ev6    DHL Future Stars Boys Pooints Race   5km
Ev7    Keirin - Round 1   2 x 6 riders
Ev8    Championship Madison Time Trial - Round 1   6 teams
Ev9    DHL Future Stars Girls Scratch Race   5km
Ev10    Championship Points Race   10km
Ev11    Revolution Sprint - Final   
Ev12    DHL Future Stars Boys 6 Lap Dash   1.5km
Ev13   Championship Madison Time Trial - Round 2   6 teams
Ev14   DHL Future Stars Girls Points Race   5km
Ev15    Team Sprint   2 heats
Ev16    DHL Future Stars Boys Scratch Race   5km
Ev17    Championship Scratch Race (10km)   10km
    Championship and Future Stars Presentations    
Ev18   Keirin - Minor Final   6 riders
Ev19   Keirin - Final   6 riders

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