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Title: Chris Hoy
Post by: esafosfina on April 19, 2013, 09:01 (

Apart from his hugely impressive 'palmares' the thing that struck me most about Chris was, even from the very early days, was his professionalism and his very down-to-earth attitude. A lovely guy; he'll be missed, not just as a lynch-pin of GB cycling, but the sport in general. Good luck in retirement mate...

A couple of Sir Chris Hoy anecdotes:
Back in the very early days of the WCPP (BC's version of the 'AIS'...) the track squad riders would base themselves in a small and very run-down terrace house just behind the Manchester Velodrome... (These were the days before the glamour of SKY and BC... houses in the street had been boarded up, one was firebombed, there were burnt out cars, terrible place!) It was akin to a drop-in centre... riders would come from all over the country, eat, sleep and leave the place looking like even more of a dump. But Chris was one of the few that would wake early to make beds, clean up after other riders, do the shopping etc etc... a very professional attitude. I shared a room there with him on many occasions and a better room-mate one could not ask for... except the snoring!
Another occasion that demonstrates his nature was in the lead-up to the Olympic selections for the 2000 Games... the endurance squad had pursuit trails over 3000m and the sprint squad were having to hang about until they had their trails. Most of the other riders were sat quietly and not paying any attention to the 'action' on the track... but not Chris. He and Craig MacLean got the other sprinters to space themselves around the inside of the velodrome to shout encouragement... believe me there's nothing more soul-destroying than riding a hard pursuit in total silence... It was a lovely thing to do and it certainly lifted me, but more importantly shows his team spirit.
Title: Re: Chris Hoy
Post by: sublimit on April 19, 2013, 12:34
Yes track might not every bodies cup of tea here but he just comes across as a humble guy, he didn't throw his toys out of the pram when Jason Kenny was selected over him for the Olympic sprint comp and got on with his events which was cool.   
 I still remember the Keirin Worlds win last year as a bit special when he dived through that gap.
Title: Re: Chris Hoy
Post by: AG on April 19, 2013, 13:03
i havent seen that much of him, but he certainly appeared to conduct everything he did with an element of class.

Hats off to him
Title: Re: Chris Hoy
Post by: froome19 on April 19, 2013, 17:14
A great guy with phenomenal power, but he would have never achieved what he did without his dedication. He was the first person back on the track after the Olympics and his levels of training really do seem to be a first hand example to everyone else on the British track team.

Nothing conceited or arrogant about him as is the case with so many top tier sportsmen nowadays. Instead he buckled down with what he needed to do and his conduct when competing for a place with Kenny was really superb.
Title: Re: Chris Hoy
Post by: Archieboy on April 13, 2015, 07:29

The man is born winner :cool. More success for the great man.
Title: Re: Chris Hoy
Post by: Archieboy on June 15, 2016, 07:16
Another big day in the life of the great man.
Qualifying/ Practice today for Le Mans 24hr which is on at the weekend, and yes the big man is competing.
Be safe Sir.