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Title: Prize money in cyclocross - an insight into "equality" from Helen Wyman
Post by: Kiwirider on January 04, 2015, 21:47
A friend of mine who coaches and helps organise 'cross races back in NZ posted this link today - which makes pretty sad reading ... (

My friend posted something along the lines of after reading this, it was pretty clear why she was always happy to be labelled a feminist when you read of stuff like this happening.

But, in all honesty, I don't think that you need to be even mildly feminist to think that there's something fliped up when some monkey who is getting lapped out less than half way in to a race gets more prize money than 10th placed woman in the same event ...

(There is an added irony in that my friend at one stage coached Alex Revell for a while before he went overseas - and he was one of the perpetual back markers who'd be out-earning the top women. While she wont wish him any ill, I'm sure that something sticks in her throat a little over that ...)

The bit about top women not being allowed in to the elite parking area is just mind boggling - like Page says "is this 2015 or 1950?"

So much for Brian Cookson's promise to champion women's cycling ...
Title: Re: Prize money in cyclocross - an insight into "equality" from Helen Wyman
Post by: L'arri on January 04, 2015, 23:25
It's a disgrace and I'm glad Wyman schooled us all on this because the gaping chasm between the genders is that bit bigger when you think she has to take time out of her training and racing schedule to do advocacy for her sport, something the men never have to worry about, which is fortunate because most of them have neither the intellect nor the eloquence to put two sentences together.

Meanwhile Cookson's parochial English public sector background gives him all the tools of the petty politician: heavy on promises, light on action. It's all "high on the agenda" and "we'll be addressing that shortly" with this guy, whose policy delivery so far looks as skewed as his teeth and when his single biggest innovation to date is to stop announcing doping positives by press release.

I'm tired of this ridiculous chicken and egg argument that women's cycling is somehow less attractive when the men's sport is privileged in every way even, so it seems, down to the parking lot. The sport continues to languish and all we get is weak willed political inertia BS.