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Title: The Lars Van der Haar Awesomeness Thread
Post by: Echoes on October 29, 2016, 10:32


Lars Van der Haar’s Three Challenges

Articles from Belang van Limburg and Het Nieuwsblad on 22 October. Important to note, prior to the Cauberg Cross.

Master of the Cauberg/Dutch Runner-Up at the World Championship Has a Tough Winter Ahead of Him

(I’ll mix both but both papers are from the same press group, so the articles must be the same after all.)

By 1 January Lars Van der Haar officially races for under Sven Nys’ wings as a member of the Telenet-Fidea cycling team. It will his to put his team back on the map. Until then in theory he can race his own race. Also next Sunday in Valkenburg, on the Cauberg. Lars won the first three editions of the Cauberg Cross as a World Cup event [Bart Wellens won it as a non-ranking event before]. There were a few changes on the route, which Lars was unaware of and he hoped that it still suits him because the 2018 Worlds will be held there.

#1 Working with Sven Nys

“Sven Already Coaches Me”

Officially the “wedding” is for 1 January but unofficially Sven Nys & Lars Van der Haar are already “living under the same roof”.
The partnership is going very well. We have almost daily contact and Sven already coaches me during the races. Hij’s got an agreement with Giant about that. I expect to land again in a team in which cross in central. With Giant-Alpecin, I have a fantastic trainer: Adriaan Helmantel but during the races he cannot bring me anything more. That must be Sven’s added value. We already work hard but when most stop at 100%, Sven was someone who went to 110%. I hope that he can bring me there too but it should also be fun, which I don’t doubt. The outside world has made Sven more serious than he really is

Van der Haar stands famous for being an impulsive rider. Whether Sven Nys should try to make him race more conservatively:
Richard Groenendaal at Rabobank has tried to do that but I have my nature. If I see a hole, I’m diving in it.

#2 Competing with the Two Greats[/b]

“On a Good Day I Can Beat Them

I know from last year that I can beat them on a good day but I admit that over the whole season they are better than I am. I am no Mathieu Van der Poel and no Wout Van Aert but I should be the third man who can be the closest to them. I feel that I am closer to Wout & Mathieu race after race but I’m still at the standard I should perform. I’ve quickly reached my current level but the last percents are the hardest. As far as the results are concerned, I’m not bad but the way I get those results are not the way I’m eyeing to.

Lars feels like he’s still too much undergoing the facts. His racing style he describes as “attacking, racing along, flying in”:

Do more than just racing your own tempo. I see it as a miss that I’m not able to battle it out with Wout and Mathieu. At the moment they are playing with the competition. It’s not easy to bridge the gap. I cannot easily judge how far my condition is. I feel that I’m getting better every race and that my top condition isn’t so far. The next two weekends will show whether it can bring up podium places. With regards to training, I’m not at my peak yet. I’m still in the build-up phase: longer trainings, longer blocks. I’m still lagging.

#3 Getting Top Fit Again

Raced Too Much On the Road

Lars missed a great deal of his preparation to the new season after a tendon injury. Thereby the Dutchman can still no complete every training and that irritates him.
That’s how I’ve resumed run training just this week. A bit of jogging, not more. And I felt right away that that tendon was acting up. It meant that I needed to adapt my training.

You don’t need to look too far away to get the cause to the injury, Van der Haar rode too much on the road last summer:
That’s clear, yeah. It was fun to for once look for my limits but in retrospect I wasn’t smart: Tour of Belgium, Dauphiné, Ster ZLN… Had I known that in advance I would never have done it.
Title: Re: The Lars Van der Haar Awesomeness Thread
Post by: Echoes on October 31, 2016, 11:44
A thread dedicated to Lars van der haar should have these pictures:

Title: Re: The Lars Van der Haar Awesomeness Thread
Post by: Echoes on November 07, 2016, 15:14
Lars fears a muscle strain.  :(


(Het Laatste Nieuws)

Till mid-race at Ruddervoorde Lars could compete for a close high place. Then suddenly he dropped to the back of the field and eventually called it an end.

A first medical check-up that day showed a muscle strain but a MRI-scan today should make it 100% clear. He still secretely hope for an "overstretching" [??] but in any case that's not good.

To Dutch people, would you translate "verrekking" by "overstretching"? Excuse my ignorance but these are two second languages for me.  ;)

Anyway heal soon, Lars.  :)
Title: Re: The Lars Van der Haar Awesomeness Thread
Post by: Slow Rider on November 08, 2016, 20:33

Lars tore a muscle and will be out for 8 to 12 weeks.. After being injured for the first races as well, this is already a lost season for Lars :(
Title: Re: The Lars Van der Haar Awesomeness Thread
Post by: Echoes on November 09, 2016, 12:46
Thanks for the info, Slow. I gave a like for sharing because I sure don't like the news. I've planned to go to Overijse and Namur this year and there's little chance that Lars could be back by then. I'm very sad. Lars is the coolest to see irl.  :(

In the Gazet van Antwerpen he says:


An MRI-scan told me that I had a massive muscle strain in the upper leg. Just not fully torn through. The doctorS didn't get it that i still could race with it. A football player who gets such a strain gets transported on a stretcher.

Then he's indeed talking about 8 to 12 weeks. Let's hope that a top athlete like him can recover quicker than the average person.  ;)
Title: Re: The Lars Van der Haar Awesomeness Thread
Post by: Echoes on January 28, 2017, 15:24
Lars. Always so funny! When I hear the Swiss cow bells, then I know it's the Worlds.  :lol
Title: Re: The Lars Van der Haar Awesomeness Thread
Post by: Echoes on July 29, 2018, 23:07
Yesterday in La Louvière for the start of the Tour of Wallonia, Lars was one of the first on the start line, before my own eyes.  ;)

I've already shared with you some of my pics of him on the race thread here ( but I'm very fond of these two pictures because it's really Lars as I know him whenever I visit races that he is in, I mean smiling and laughing. I don't know who the Roompot rider he's laughing with is but it was really nice to see.  :)


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This is the best one.  ;)