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Title: Healthy Ageing Tour
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The current Energiewacht Tour for women goes from 2017 Healthy Aging Tour through life. The regional health network 'Healthy Aging' connects her name for three years on the bike tour. Healthy Aging Network thus get the chance to spend their laudable project the attention. Cooperation between the successful stage race for the World Summit on Women and Healthy Aging is made possible by financial support from the Groninger Rabobanken.Gezamenlijk thus they contribute to increasing Vande awareness of the importance of good health among the inhabitants of North Netherlands.
Athletes at the starting line
The Healthy Aging Tour is a UCI stage race for women will be held annually in the second week of April. The cycling event, from the beginning sponsored by Energiewacht bears now called Healthy Aging Tour. The game consists of six stages through the province of Groningen, held over five days. The Healthy Aging Tour is to start the world of female cycling every year. In 2016 tied the best eight women's teams in the world compete in the stage race for women. Former world time trial, Ellen van Dijk won the final classification. Ellen also recently won the European Championship time trial in Plumelec. In recent editions were world champions and former Olympic and world champion Marianne Vos, world champion Lizzie Armitstead and the later Olympic champion Anna van der Breggen departure. Since 2013 there has also been an issue for junior women.
seize opportunities in health
The European Commission awarded the Northern Netherlands as the only region in the Netherlands with four stars for its knowledge and innovations that contribute to a healthy and active society. But knowledge alone is not enough: to the northern Netherlands to make the healthiest regions of Europe, all residents must, young and old, are achieved. The Healthy Aging Tour is the ideal platform for this. Harry Scholte behalf Rabobank Healty Aging pleased to bring extra attention. "The Healthy Aging Tour fits well into the future 'Perspective Groningen 2025 Rabobank. This view has set itself the aim to bring about a tilting movement in thinking and acting together with Groningers. We want to look ahead together with people and the opportunities that are redeemable with one another. Focusing inter alia on the promotion of a healthier lifestyle behaviors. Aging is an important but complex issue. We have worked with Healthy Aging as a partner in this field. We felt like Groninger Rabobanks, moreover, had retained the match for Groningen. The competition to baptize in Healthy Aging Tour we support two important things like Groninger Rabobanks: maintaining a beautiful cycling spectacle and contributing to healthy people of the province of Groningen. "
Boost for healthy activities
Daan Bultje as director of Healthy Aging Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN) enthusiastic about the collaboration. "HANNN related to the ambition North Netherlands healthier. We want to bring a movement of citizens, organizations, businesses and governments that want to contribute to this. In the weeks leading up to the stage race we want to Healthy Aging Tour caravan along the different starting points in dealing with activities that give an impetus to the health of all generations. For us, the healthy Aging Tour so a great stepping stone to all activities in the field of health by the people of the northern Netherlands. "
World brings Groningen in motion
Organizer Thijs Rondhuis of Healthy Aging Tour is delighted after Energiewacht again to connect a strong brand on his lap. "We are proud that we in the coming years may be named Healthy Aging Tour and thereby gain the support of the Rabobank. We will further develop the competition and development in various fields together with partners activities on health and move further boost. We hope that following the Rabobank more companies will join the Healthy Aging Tour Both the women's cycling as the province of Groningen -. the two main pillars of our round - the partnership is a wonderful boost the world of women's peloton now goes. Groningen encourage to stay or to move. So we bring together top and grassroots.

Stage: 1a - 5 April : Leek ITT
17.00 km
Stage: 1b - 5 April : Grijpskerk - Zuidhorn 77.60 km
Stage: 2 - 6 April : Baflo - Winsum TTT 19.60 km
Stage: 3 - 7 April : Musselkanaal - Stadskanaal 154.40 km
Stage: 4 - 8 April : Finsterwolde - Oldambt 126.60 km
Stage: 5 - 9 April : Borkum 117.90 km

Stage: 1a - 5 April : Leek ITT, 17.00 km


Stage: 1b - 5 April : Grijpskerk - Zuidhorn, 77.60 km


Stage: 2 - 6 April : Baflo - Winsum TTT, 19.60 km


Stage: 3 - 7 April : Musselkanaal - Stadskanaal, 154.40 km


Stage: 4 - 8 April : Finsterwolde - Oldambt, 126.60 km


Stage: 5 - 9 April : Borkum, 117.90 km


All Healthy Ageing Tour races wil be broadcasted live to the tv and the internet. A cooperation between NDC mediagroep, Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN) and the four Rabobank offices in the Northern Netherlands makes this possible. The Healthy Ageing Tour will be the first lady stage race that will be broadcasted live from start to finish.

The teams will be live for sixteen hours, which means that they will be able to create a lot of international exposure for their sponsors. Not only will there be live broadcasting, the stages will also be summarized in six to seven minutes.

Next to broadcasting the stages, a special newspaper will be published and spread throughout the Northern Netherlands. This newspaper will be an edition of 155.000 copies.

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previous winners
2016   VAN DIJK Ellen *nl   
2015   BRENNAUER Lisa *de   
2014   BRAND Lucinda *nl   
2013   VAN DIJK Ellen *nl   
2012   TEUTENBERG Ina-Yoko *de   
2011   VISSER Adrie *nl
Title: Re: Healthy Ageing Tour
Post by: just some guy on April 05, 2017, 08:00
Healthy Ageing Tour
Stage 1a Start Order
    Time   Rider   Team   
    10:00:00   PRUISSCHER Arianna   WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen   
    10:01:00   DE GROOT Eveline   
    10:02:00   KUIJPERS Evy   GRC Jan van Arckel   
    10:03:00   LUBBINGE Leonie   Team Drenthe   
    10:04:00   VAN DER GRAAF Anne Marijn   NWV Groningen   
    10:05:00   PARK Annasley   Great Britain   
    10:06:00   BOOGAARD Maaike   Netherlands   
    10:07:00   SOET Aafke   Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil   
    10:08:00   ROE Eileen   Team WNT   
    10:09:00   ANDERSEN Susanne   Hitec Products   
    10:10:00   KASPER Romy   Ale Cipollini   
    10:11:00    BRAND Lucinda   Team Sunweb   
    10:12:00   CROMWELL Tiffany   Canyon Sram   
    10:13:00   VAN DER BREGGEN Anna   Boels Dolmans   
    10:14:00   EHRBERG Liisa   WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen   
    10:15:00   ERIKSEN Malin   
    10:16:00   BRAAM Danique   GRC Jan van Arckel   
    10:17:00   TIESSENS Ivana   Team Drenthe   
    10:18:00   OOSTERWOUD Wendy   NWV Groningen   
    10:19:00   LOWTHER Melissa   Great Britain   
    10:20:00   KNETEMANN Roxane   Netherlands   
    10:21:00   TROMP Esra   Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil   
    10:22:00   MAES Elise   Team WNT   
    10:23:00   HOEKSMA Ilona   Hitec Products   
    10:24:00   VEKEMANS Anisha   Ale Cipollini   
    10:25:00   MUSTONEN LICHAN Sara   Team Veloconcept Women   
    10:26:00   HANSELMANN Nicole   Cervelo - Bigla   
    10:27:00   LIPPERT Liane   Team Sunweb   
    10:28:00   GUARISCHI Barbara   Canyon Sram   
    10:29:00   MAJERUS Christine   Boels Dolmans   
    10:30:00   OLSSON Sara   WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen   
    10:31:00   BAKS Marissa   
    10:32:00   VAN'T GELOOF Marjolein   GRC Jan van Arckel   
    10:33:00   BOUWMEESTER Sanne   Team Drenthe   
    10:34:00   KOSTER Paulien   NWV Groningen   
    10:35:00   RAYBOULD Rebecca   Great Britain   
    10:36:00   MARKUS Riejanne   Netherlands   
    10:37:00   KNAUER Anna   Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil   
    10:38:00   JONES Hayley   Team WNT   
    10:39:00   AALERUD Katrine   Hitec Products   
    10:40:00   TREVISI Anna   Ale Cipollini   
    10:41:00   PENTON Sara   Team Veloconcept Women   
    10:42:00   DRAGOO Allie   Cervelo - Bigla   
    10:43:00   LABOUS Juliette   Team Sunweb   
    10:44:00   RYAN Alexis   Canyon Sram   
    10:45:00   BLAAK Chantal   Boels Dolmans   
    10:46:00   CHRISTMAS Dani   WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen   
    10:47:00   STEIGENGA Nicole   
    10:48:00   MEIJER Rixt   GRC Jan van Arckel   
    10:49:00   KALSBEEK Janieke   Team Drenthe   
    10:50:00   ADEGEEST Loes   NWV Groningen   
    10:51:00   BARKER Megan   Great Britain   
    10:52:00   KASTELIJN Yara   Netherlands   
    10:53:00   BUURMAN Eva   Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil   
    10:54:00   CARTER Rebecca   Team WNT   
    10:55:00   HEINE Vita   Hitec Products   
    10:56:00   PALADIN Soraya   Ale Cipollini   
    10:57:00   SIGGAARD Christina   Team Veloconcept Women   
    10:58:00   POHL Stephanie   Cervelo - Bigla   
    10:59:00   SOEK Julia   Team Sunweb   
    11:00:00   KRÖGER Mieke   Canyon Sram   
    11:01:00   PAWLOWSKA Katarzyna   Boels Dolmans   
    11:02:00   VAN HOUTUM Céline   WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen   
    11:03:00   TEMPERT Ingrid   
    11:04:00   STOUGJE Delore   GRC Jan van Arckel   
    11:05:00   DE JONG Liena   Team Drenthe   
    11:06:00   WOUDSMA Josine   NWV Groningen   
    11:07:00   DENTUS Abigail   Great Britain   
    11:08:00   KOSTER Anouska   Netherlands   
    11:09:00   DE JONG Demi   Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil   
    11:10:00   MCVITTY Keira   Team WNT   
    11:11:00   MOBERG Emilie   Hitec Products   
    11:12:00   TUSLAITE Daiva   Ale Cipollini   
    11:13:00   PEDERSEN Camilla   Team Veloconcept Women   
    11:14:00   KLEIN Lisa   Cervelo - Bigla   
    11:15:00   MACKAIJ Floortje   Team Sunweb   
    11:16:00   BARNES Hannah   Canyon Sram   
    11:17:00   PIETERS Amy   Boels Dolmans   
    11:18:00   OLSEN Caroline Thorvik   WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen   
    11:19:00   PARDON Marleen   
    11:20:00   BECKERINGH Nike   GRC Jan van Arckel   
    11:21:00   WEERINK Floor   Team Drenthe   
    11:22:00   DE JONG Hanna   NWV Groningen   
    11:23:00   BARNES Alice   Great Britain   
    11:24:00   VAN VLEUTEN Annemiek   Netherlands   
    11:25:00   SWINKELS Karlijn   Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil   
    11:26:00   SHAW Gabriella   Team WNT   
    11:27:00   THORSEN Thea   Hitec Products   
    11:28:00   ENSING Janneke   Ale Cipollini   
    11:29:00   MATHIESEN Pernille   Team Veloconcept Women   
    11:30:00   LEPISTÖ Lotta   Cervelo - Bigla   
    11:31:00   VAN DIJK Ellen   Team Sunweb   
    11:32:00   BRENNAUER Lisa   Canyon Sram   
    11:33:00   DIDERIKSEN Amalie   Boels Dolmans   
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Title: Re: Healthy Ageing Tour
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Title: Re: Healthy Ageing Tour
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Healthy Ageing Tour
Stage 2 Start Order
    Time   Team       
    14:00:00   Team Drenthe       
    14:04:00   WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen       
    14:12:00   NWV Groningen       
    14:16:00   Team WNT       
    14:20:00   Great Britain       
    14:24:00   Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil       
    14:28:00   GRC Jan van Arckel       
    14:32:00   Ale Cipollini       
    14:36:00   Hitec Products       
    14:40:00   Team Veloconcept Women       
    14:44:00   Netherlands       
    14:48:00   Cervelo - Bigla       
    14:52:00   Canyon Sram       
    14:56:00   Boels Dolmans       
    15:00:00   Team Sunweb
Title: Re: Healthy Ageing Tour
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