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Title: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 16, 2017, 19:10
Small teams, 2 hilly and 3 flattish stages, regional rivalry and yet another Fortuneo vs Joker showdown!

This year's tour of Norway feature 6-man teams, 5 stages, hilly and flat, hopefully crowds (sub-Yorkshire level but still better than a WT stage race in Benelux).

Let's start with the competitors this time:

riders I expect to play an important role are highlighted in bold
team - GC captain (bib number) / sprinter (bib number)
#roompot Pieter Weening (1) / ?
#didata Edvald Boasson Hagen (11)
#cannondale Sep Van Marcke (21)
#lotto Tony Gallopin (31) / Kris Boeckmans or Tosh van der Sande
#orica Simon Gerrans (41) / Michael Albasini (42)
#lotto Lars Boom (51) / Groenewegen, Dylan (23)
#aquablue Lars Petter Nordhaug (61) / Leigh Howard (63)
#cajarural ?  (me being clueless, not a criticism of the team)
#ccc ? (me being clueless, not a criticism of the team)
#fortuneo Eduardo Sepulveda (91) / Daniel McLay (25)
#gazprom ? / Alexander Porsev (105)
#manzana ?/ Jetse Bol (112)
#vlaanderen  Aimé de Gendt (121)
#verandas Wout van Aert (131)
#veranclassic Sebastien Delfosse (141)/Justin Jules (143)
#joker Carl Fredrik Hagen (154) / #rainbow Kristoffer Halvorsen (151)
#coop ? (Hagen withdrawal) / August Jensen (165)
#unox Audun Brekke Fløtten (171) / Syver Wærsted (176)
#tss Andreas Vangstad (186) / Fridtjof Røinås (184)
#fixit Ken Levi Eikeland (193) / Matti Manninen (195)
 #veloconcept Rasmus Guldhammer (201) / Alexander Kamp (28)

As much as I'd like Norwegian conti teams to dominate this race, I find it hard to believe they'll easily get past danish team #veloconcept, and Rasmus Guldhammer who dominated the Norwegian races earlier this month. #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen won't be far away, but harder racing in Lillehammer can probably break him on the GC.  #aquablue Lars Petter Nordhaug could be better on the hilly stages if in shape,  but he has shown nothing at all this season and remains an uncertain pick .
From the international WT teams I think #lotto Tony Galoppin will probably feature high up on the GC list, as much as #orica Gerrans. If you can win the LBL you can climb good enough for Lillehammer -Brummundal-Lillehammer as well.

Stage 2 and 4 are the more likely bunch sprint finishes. The best spritners in the race may be the young ones:
#joker Kristoffer Halvorsem
#jumbo Groenewegen
maybe also
#fortuneo Daniel McClay

Fun fact
#orica Simon Gerrans raced for Hønefoss based Team Ringerike early in his career. This team was a kind of precursor for #joker and #unox as well as the tour of Norway organization itself. Welcome back!

Link to complete start list with bib numbers :
Race organizer's homepage Link: (stage profiles etc)
Twitter tag: #tourofnorway

OK , the stages
Stage 1, May 17th: Hønefoss – Asker (169 km, hilly w/uphill finish)
Stage 2, May 18th: Eidsvoll – Brumunddal (194 km, hills w/ flat finish)
Stage 3, May 19th: Hamar – Lillehammer (192 km, more hills and flat finish)
Stage 4, May 20th: Lillestrøm – Sarpsborg (194 km, flat)
Stage 5, May 21st: Moss – Oslo (155 km, flat but  with hills finish)

(Individual previews to follow)

Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 16, 2017, 19:51
Stage 1, May 17th: Hønefoss – Asker (169 km, slightly hilly w/uphill finish)

Who's birthday is this? *no Norway?
Yes – we celebrate getting rid of the *dk colonial masters, creating our own constitution in our own national assembly, at Eidsvoll. However, real cycling fans celebrate the *no jersey – #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen turns 30!

The days' parcours takes the peloton on a long U-shaped detour from Hønefoss around the Hurum peninsula to Asker, on the west side of Oslo.  In Asker, there's a three time around a loop to the finish line.

Not sure if the course is layered with cream and candles on top for him, but I expect Edvald to really try....other contenders: #orica Simon Gerrans, #orica Michael Albasini, #verandas Wout van Aert, #cannondale Sep van Marcke, some aquablue poacher (Nordhaug, Warbasse or Denifl), #tss AndreasVangstad, #veloconcept Rasmus Guldhammer.
interactive map here (
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: just some guy on May 17, 2017, 07:43
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: Leadbelly on May 17, 2017, 14:45

They certainly believe in dressing smartly for their cycling viewing in Norway. Suits everywhere.

Villegas, Holstad and Blålid with 6 minutes.
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: LukasCPH on May 17, 2017, 16:17
They certainly believe in dressing smartly for their cycling viewing in Norway. Suits everywhere.
17 May is the Norwegian national day. Everybody dresses up for that.
The bike race is just a bonus. ;)
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: LukasCPH on May 17, 2017, 18:54
Peak Norway:
#champno Edvald Boasson Hagen wins stage 1 of the Tour of Norway on 17 May which is the *no national day (and also his 30th birthday).

Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 17, 2017, 19:30
Stage 2:  Eidsvoll – Brummundal, 194 km
After #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen's schematically delivered his own birthday present today, the race continues on a slightly constitutional theme – starting in Eidsvoll, where a national assembly put words on paper in 1814, going north along the west side of the Mjøsa lake, crossing the Toten heights, before heading through the town of Gjøvik on the way to the Mjøsa bridge, crossing the lake from the west shore to the east shore, rounding the Nes peninsula before heading into the Brummundal. In Brummundal there will be two rounds in a local loop and a flat finish. 

This one will probably end in a bunch sprint! I nominate Kristoffer Halvorsen to give everyone a hard time, but he'll have to get in ahead of #fortuneo Daniel McClay and #lotto Dylan Groenewegen. Not sure if he can! #veloconcept Alexander Kamp could also show up, and #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen can make up for some lack of top speed with experience.



Interactive map here:

PS: the preview of the giro stage 12 is delayed cause I am still at 60 km out in today's stage....trying to get it done with no spoilers  :S
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: Mellow Velo on May 18, 2017, 14:06
 I missed the race start. :fp
Can watch it as I have TV 2 on my TV. :) :shh
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: Leadbelly on May 18, 2017, 15:23
Were you wearing a suit yesterday T-72?  ;)

Break of Orjuela, Eikeland y Røinås.
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: Leadbelly on May 18, 2017, 16:38
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 18, 2017, 21:47
Today's results late incoming as I have been skipping race watching until supper after actually going out to ride a bike myself.

Weather was poor, especially in the final. The run-in to the sprint was slightly downhill and the sprint was really, really fast. #jumbo was in total control of the race from the last categorized climb and gave Groenewegen a perfect leadout.
Comment of the day from #joker Kristoffer Halvorsen who came in second: "That was really... sh*t!" after beating his handlebars so hard you would think he could have broken something. It is an unusual attitude for a conti rider that has just been beaten by three-quarters of a bike length by a sprinter on a WT team that can actually win races at WT level.

Were you wearing a suit yesterday T-72?

@Leadbelly concerning May17th: of course I was dressed for the occasion :)  The celebrations take place quite early in the day[1],  so you can sneak of and watch a giro stage in the evening -  when it started to rain anyway!
 1. The first parade starts at 07:00  :S - only the Bergen-Voss bike race starts earlier in this town
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 18, 2017, 22:59
Tomorrow, stage 3 - Hamar - Lillehammer (192 km)
probably the king stage of this Tour of Norway.

The profile includes a finish that was used in the national championship 2 years ago, won by (you guessed) it Lillehammer homeboy - #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen! Now you might think that being the local lad, he'll be a favorite this time. However, is not the local lad at all because the race actually laps the farm of #joker Anders Skaarseth's family. You can't get more local than that!

The main feature of the finish is the Kanthaugen climb (to up above the olympic ski jump hills from 1992). It is the snaking one on the right in the google earth image below. They'll be going up the Kanthaugen three times, entering the loop course at about 80 km to go.

If we zoom in on some details here
One can only wonder why #jumbo did not bring Primoz Roglic as one can hardly find any terrain anywhere better suited to his capabilities. He could be flying on the descent here. Instead #jumbo is stuck with flatlanders Boom and Groenewegen - failed landing!

The finishing loop is some ~27km.  The road up to Kanthaugen is called VIP road 3,2 km @ 8% average inclination and AFAIK it is partly gravel. Three times. From the top of Kanthaugen to the finish line is a not very technical descent followed by a longer flat section across the Lågen river and along the lake. They cross the lake and climb a little bit back into town for the finish line (i can't find exactly where it is but it is uphill from the lake to the finish line, maybe flat right at the line.

In the national championship two years ago, it was a very exiting race with Vegard Stake Laengen (currently #uae, then #joker) on a long-range attack caught just before the finish line by a #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen - because of #katusha Svein Erik Bystrøm, who worked hard on the chase but wasn't able to compete for the finish. A similar race, hanging in the balance between attacking climbers and fast finishers with some support on the chase, is expected.

#lotto Tony Gallopin because of his allrounder skills
#didata Edvald Boasson Hagen (he's gonna need someone, probably Nyonshuti to chase down the attacking climberS)
#roompot Pieter Weening (will need a large enough gap at the top of Kanthaugen)
#aquablue Lars Petter Nordhaug will follow the flying dutchman on attacks.
#joker Anders Skaarseth if home ground ever was an advantage. Might DNF if his mom calls him in for dinner.  :D
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 20, 2017, 12:28
Results from yesterday, stage 3:
Tappa & maglia for #roompot Pieter Weening! Probably the best climber[1] in the race (and last years winner), he had more in the tank as a lead group of about 6 (or 4 and 2) crested the Kanthaugen climb on the last lap. #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen attacked on the descent but was caught once the slope eased off. The lead group of 6 kept a larger chasing group at +/- 10-20 seconds for the flat section along the lake, but cooperation among the 6 broke down as they came closer to the finish and Weening attacked on to the long bridge. There was no swift response, but midway across the bridge #tss Andreas Vangstad followed. Weening managed to say away on the climb up to finish line while Vangstad was caught by the chasing pack and ended in 4th position.

There seems to be a bit of a controversy going on, many have argued that there should have been a time gap called behind Vangstad, which would put him in 4th place overall.  Without the timegap, he is in 10th - and this is important for his team, more about that later.

Today's stage Lillestrøm - Sarpsborg 194 km
It looks flattish and there may be sprint finish, but there is a short sharp climb on the finishing circuit and an uphill finish, so the winner may be more climb-able than the average flatland sprinter. It could turn into another #jumbo Groenewegen vs #joker Halvorsen vs #didata Hagen sprint but I think others could well mix in, maybe #lotto Sander Armée or Tosh van der Sande, or #veloconcept Gudlhammer (although he looked a bit off his early may form peak yesterday).

Regional rivalry 101: What's #tss Vangstad and time gaps or not  got to do with the Arctic Race?
There are 5 Norwegian pro-conti teams and only 3 of them get to race the Arctic Race in August. The best 3 ranked by UCI points in a list of races running until early June will qualify. #joker Joker and #coop Coop seem more or less quliafied aløready, but competition for 3rd spot between Vangstad's #tss Sparebanken Sør, #fixit and unox is fierce. A top 5 GC  by Vangstad here in ToN would put #tss closer to qualification. This is why the Norwegians keep giving each other a hard time!

 1. National trauma: is there is always a flatlander to outclimb the Norwegians in their own mountains! If not a mountain-dane it is a mountain-dutch guy :(
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 20, 2017, 17:16
...but after all, it became a favorite's stage win for #jumbo Dylan Groenewegen. In the uphill sprint in Sarpsborg, he showed that he is one class above #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen and #coop August Jensen as a dedicated sprinter on a WT team.  Today's disappointment was #joker Kristoffer Halvorsen, who was nowhere to be seen in the finish, after his team had been working hard for miles (with #jumbo Lars Boom) to bring the break back in.

Then all that remains is:

Stage 5: Moss - Oslo, 155 km

Tomorrow the final of the stage will feature a re-entry on the loop course that featured in the Oslo world championships 1993. (won by *usa Lance Armstrong, and his only remaining international major victory AFAIK). I think Peter Weening is the favorite to settle the GC disputes on the slopes of the Ekeberg. They are going to climb it 4 times on the 14 km finish loop.


The stage win could go to another rider, but we are still looking for someone that can climb that hill pretty fast. Candidates could include:
#aquablue Lars Petter Nordhaug
#joker Carl Fredrik Hagen
#orica Simon Gerrans (who had to brake in the final today)
#tss Andreas Vangstad
#veloconcept Rasmus Guldhammer (if someone can find his legs, near Ringerike)


Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 21, 2017, 22:11

I called the final stage totally wrong, headwinds on the top of the climb to Ekeberg stopped all attacks and when #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen made a mistake in the second-last downhill, leaning to far in in a turn, skidding and falling, the race was neutralised I think by #orica Simon Gerrans.
With Hagen back in the race, he might as well win it, right? Reduced bunch sprint is a discipline he is good at.

Final results:

Thumbs up to #coop August Jensen, finishing top 10 on all stages = consistency!
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: LukasCPH on May 21, 2017, 22:28
Thumbs up to #coop August Jensen
He's the guy who'd signed with PCT #onepro but went back home when they downgraded, right?
I think he'll get a couple more offers for 2018. :)
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 21, 2017, 22:56
He's the guy who'd signed with PCT #onepro but went back home when they downgraded, right?
I think he'll get a couple more offers for 2018. :)

Yup, that's him!
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: DJW on May 21, 2017, 23:38
...the race was neutralised I think by #orica Simon Gerrans.

Matt White making a point?
Title: Re: Tour of Norway
Post by: t-72 on May 22, 2017, 06:49
I don't know but some kind of new precedent might have been set by two races being neutralized more or less voluntarily after falls - not fall by the race leader, but the runner-up - the same day. The event in the giro obviously more important than this one. The giro last year was more or less won by not stopping in a similar situation. In all three events it was a fairly clear racing error by the athlete, and no-one else went down.
If Matt White played a role in Oslo they have really long range radio in Orica!  :D