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Title: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on August 12, 2017, 00:39
Here are the details, no major changes from what we have had before (and in fact this post is largely a copy.paste and edit job)

I will be away from the Thursday before the start until the following Tuesday, so will probably only have very brief opportunities, if any, to check teams submitted in the last two days or process early results.  I may not be able to warn you if you select riders who are not in the race or if your team is overbudget if it is after Thursday morning.

Team of exactly nine riders   If you pick someone who is not riding, I'll replace him with the next cheapest of his team, or the next cheapest in the race if there is not one in his team.

Budget    Budget will be 3500 points.  If you are over budget, I'll take out the cheapest rider who can be replaced with a cheaper member of his team that will bring you into budget, or the next cheapest in the race if there is not one in his team (first in alphabetical order if two or more meet that definition).

Price of riders
CQ score for 12 months to 13th August, for which the update file that CQ released on Monday 14th will be considered definitive. 
There is a dropbox spreadsheet of riders likely to participate and their prices for the game (, and a facility for checking the team total.

Submitting your team
By personal message to me, either here or at CN.
Please wait until the accurate prices are available.
Please send the team with names formatted as per CQ. (Surname[space]Forename and nothing else: Spanish/Portuguese names need particular care, as do accents or other diacritics) Please do not riders' teams and prices.  It makes an enormous difference to the efficiency of adding teams.  If you use the dropbox spreadsheet it will be a simple copy and paste job.

I have lodged my team with the first person to submit a team (Hayabusa).

The start of the race, which I believe to be Saturday 19th August at 5:30 pm  (CEST, 15:30 UTC)

Points issued according to the points tables of CQ (column GT2) (  Note there are no points issued for the young rider category.

Entries will be listed here, when and as I get a chance.  If you are on another forum, by all means plug the game there.

Good luck to all.
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: just some guy on August 12, 2017, 12:55
A sunday job I think  :cool
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: Leadbelly on August 12, 2017, 17:47
A sunday job I think  :cool

After Monday might be better. ;)
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: just some guy on August 12, 2017, 17:50
After Monday might be better. ;)

maybe ;)
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: Joelsim on August 14, 2017, 12:10
I think I have this in the bag.

Although, need to pick my team now.
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on August 14, 2017, 22:02
15 of the teams are (according to PCS) finalised, the prices are fixed, the dropbox team selector file is updated (, my team is lodged with Hatabusa: the game is fully open.
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: Trudgin on August 14, 2017, 22:33

Can i do 2 teams? please? pretty please?
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: search on August 15, 2017, 08:38
here's the startlist including cq values (:cool = confirmed) as well... I'll try to keep it updated

#trek      TREK-SEGAFREDO      :cool      #bora      BORA-HANSGROHE      :cool   
      CONTADOR VELASCO Alberto      1462            MAJKA Rafal      850   
      DEGENKOLB John      1348            BUCHMANN Emanuel      544   
      THEUNS Edward      440            KONRAD Patrick      409   
      PANTANO GOMEZ Jarlinson      280            PFINGSTEN Christoph      163   
      STETINA Peter      147            SCHWARZMANN Michael      98   
      DE KORT Koen      120            BENEDETTI Cesare      91   
      BERNARD Julien      76            KOLAR Michael      72   
      HERNANDEZ BLAZQUEZ Jesus      60            POLJANSKI Pawel      61   
      IRIZAR ARANBURU Markel      46            SCHILLINGER Andreas      35   
            3979                  2323   
#astana      ASTANA PRO TEAM      :cool      #bmc      BMC RACING TEAM      :cool   
      ARU Fabio      1242            DENNIS Rohan      1048   
      LUTSENKO Alexey      516            CARUSO Damiano      730   
      SANCHEZ GIL Luis Leon      467            VAN GARDEREN Tejay      461   
      LOPEZ MORENO Miguel Angel      354            ROCHE Nicolas      317   
      BILBAO LOPEZ DE ARMENTIA Pello      317            OSS Daniel      175   
      DE VREESE Laurens      173            DE MARCHI Alessandro      155   
      STALNOV Nikita      158            VENTOSO ALBERDI Francisco Jose      93   
      CHERNETSKIY Sergey      147            VLIEGEN Loïc      192   
      HANSEN Jesper      116            FRANKINY Kilian      67   
            3490                  3238   
#movistar      MOVISTAR TEAM      :cool      #bahrain      BAHRAIN - MERIDA      :cool   
      MORENO FERNANDEZ Daniel      471            NIBALI Vincenzo      751   
      SOLER GIMENEZ Marc      407            VISCONTI Giovanni      568   
      CARAPAZ MONTENEGRO Richard Antonio      322            PELLIZOTTI Franco      179   
      ROJAS GIL Jose Joaquin      230            GARCIA CORTINA Ivan      127   
      FERNANDEZ ANDUJAR Ruben      221            MORENO BAZAN Javier      112   
      OLIVEIRA Nelson Filipe Santos Simoes      203            BOARO Manuele      94   
      BETANCUR GOMEZ Carlos Alberto      159            NOVAK Domen      56   
      ARCAS PEÑA Jorge      74            AGNOLI Valerio      25   
      PEDRERO LOPEZ Antonio      58            NIBALI Antonio      20   
            2145                  1932   
#sky      TEAM SKY      :cool      #quickstep      QUICK STEP FLOORS      :cool   
      FROOME Chris      1967            DE LA CRUZ MELGAREJO David      788   
      MOSCON Gianni      559            JUNGELS Bob      773   
      POELS Wout      411            TRENTIN Matteo      637   
      ROSA Diego      349            ALAPHILIPPE Julian      610   
      NIEVE ITURRALDE Mikel      279            LAMPAERT Yves      546   
      STANNARD Ian      142            TERPSTRA Niki      462   
      LOPEZ GARCIA David      97            MAS NICOLAU Enric      245   
      PUCCIO Salvatore      80            DECLERCQ Tim      100   
      KNEES Christian      65            CAPECCHI Eros      45   
            3949                  4206   
#ag2r      AG2R LA MONDIALE            #katusha            :cool   
      BARDET Romain      1320            ZAKARIN Ilnur      805   
      POZZOVIVO Domenico      973            GONÇALVES Jose Isidro Maciel      480   
      DOMONT Axel      185            BYSTRØM Sven Erik      211   
      GENIEZ Alexandre      329            MAMYKIN Matvey      161   
      HOULE Hugo      184            HALLER Marco      87   
      GOUGEARD Alexis      147            MØRKØV CHRISTENSEN Michael      80   
      DUVAL Julien      97            TAARAMÄE Rein      79   
      CHEVRIER Clément      80            BELKOV Maxim      74   
      DENZ Nico      39            LOSADA ALGUACIL Alberto      55   
            3354                  2032   
#cannondale      CANNONDALE-DRAPAC PRO CYCLING TEAM      :cool      #dimension      DIMENSION DATA      :cool   
      WOODS Michael      434            FRAILE MATARRANZ Omar      323   
      VILLELLA Davide      380            KUDUS Merhawi Gebremedhin      316   
      VAN ASBROECK Tom      235            PAUWELS Serge      274   
      SKUJINS Toms      202            MORTON Lachlan      181   
      CLARKE Simon      143            ANTON HERNANDEZ Igor      165   
      SCULLY Tom      77            JANSE VAN RENSBURG Jacques      99   
      CANTY Brendan      75            KING Benjamin      83   
      CLARKE William      65            REGUIGUI Youcef      69   
      DOMBROWSKI Joseph Lloyd      58            DOUGALL Nicolas      64   
            1669                  1574   
#sunweb      TEAM SUNWEB      :cool      #jumbo      TEAM LOTTO NL - JUMBO      :cool   
      BARGUIL Warren      866            BENNETT George      602   
      KELDERMAN Wilco      529            KRUIJSWIJK Steven      386   
      OOMEN Sam      349            LOBATO DEL VALLE Juan Jose      268   
      ANDERSEN Søren Kragh      236            CLEMENT Stef      187   
      KÄMNA Lennard      138            BOUWMAN Koen      160   
      HOFSTEDE Lennard      92            LINDEMAN Bert-Jan      104   
      FRÖHLINGER Johannes      80            TOLHOEK Antwan      78   
      HAGA Chad      70            DE TIER Floris      65   
      HAMILTON Chris      46            OLIVIER Daan      28   
            2406                  1878   
#orica      ORICA - SCOTT      :cool      #lotto      LOTTO - SOUDAL      :cool   
      YATES Simon      1149            DEBUSSCHERE Jens      431   
      CHAVES RUBIO Jhoan Esteban      1082            ARMEE Sander      337   
      CORT NIELSEN Magnus      783            DE GENDT Thomas      304   
      YATES Adam      722            MONFORT Maxime      268   
      JUUL JENSEN Christopher      305            HANSEN Adam      144   
      HAIG Jack      271            MARCZYNSKI Tomasz      100   
      VERONA QUINTANILLA Carlos      194            DE CLERCQ Bart      98   
      TUFT Svein      122            WALLAYS Jelle      88   
      BEWLEY Sam      41            MERTZ Rémy      20   
            4669                  1790   
#uae      UAE - TEAMEMIRATES      :cool      #fdj      FDJ      :cool   
      COSTA Rui Alberto Faria      999            ROUX Anthony      410   
      MODOLO Sacha      685            LE BON Johan      276   
      MEINTJES Louis      530            EIKING Odd Christian      226   
      ATAPUMA HURTADO Jhon Darwin      445            MANZIN Lorrenzo      119   
      POLANC Jan      339            HOELGAARD Daniel      110   
      MOHORIC Matej      301            LUDVIGSSON Tobias      103   
      NIEMIEC Przemyslaw      229            MAISON Jérémy      38   
      AIT EL ABDIA Anass      74            COURTEILLE Arnaud      35   
      ZURLO Federico      55            FOURNIER Marc      25   
            3657                  1342   
#cajarural      CAJA RURAL - SEGUROS RGA      :cool      #aquablue      AQUA BLUE SPORT      :cool   
      ROSON GARCIA Jaime      536            BLYTHE Adam      291   
      PARDILLA BELLON Sergio      310            KREDER Michel      275   
      ARROYO DURAN David      201            WARBASSE Larry      244   
      MAS BONET Lluis Guillermo      116            HANSEN Lasse Norman      178   
      SCHULTZ Nicholas      112            DENIFL Stefan      159   
      RUBIO HERNANDEZ Diego      108            CHRISTIAN Mark      133   
      FERRARI BARCELO Fabricio      102            KONING Peter      102   
      REIS Rafael Ferreira      70            GATE Aaron      61   
      SAEZ BENITO Hector      40            DUNNE Conor      45   
            1595                  1488   
#manzana      MANZANA POSTOBON      :cool      #cofidis            :cool   
      VILELA Ricardo Augusto Afonso      216            VAN GENECHTEN Jonas      364   
      BOL Jetse      151            MATE MARDONES Luis Angel      239   
      MOLANO BENAVIDES Juan Sebastian      132            PEREZ Anthony      170   
      REYES ORTEGA Aldemar      104            NAVARRO GARCIA Daniel      150   
      AGUIRRE CALPA Hernan Ricardo      87            ROSSETTO Stéphane      94   
      ORJUELA GUTIERREZ Fernando      44            VANBILSEN Kenneth      62   
      SUAZA ARANGO Bernardo Albeiro      44            TURGIS Anthony      57   
      BOHORQUEZ SANCHEZ Hernando      25            BONNAFOND Guillaume      33   
      OSORIO ARBOLEDA Juan Felipe      15            TURGIS Jimmy      15   
            818                  1184   
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on August 17, 2017, 00:38
Eight teams in so far: a reminder that you have until Saturday late afternoon, but only until about 12 hours from the date stamp on this message if you want me to check your team.  I suspect I will have very little on-line time after that until Tuesday: normal updates should be available after that.   

Good luck, all.

Teams so far:
McLongan *

*: team needs adjustment, manager aware.
Title: Re: 2017 Vuelta CQ game
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on August 19, 2017, 09:00
I haven't been able to keep the list of entries updated, but I see that they have been arriving, and getting updated resume Sanchez.

Last reminder if you have not yet entered, the race starts, and the game closes, in just under 9 hours.