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Title: The Italian Autumn Classics (Memorial Martini)
Post by: search on September 11, 2017, 09:17
The Italian Autumn Classics

At the far end of the season, Italy takes center stage as the season’s final dramas play out on the southern side of the Alps. It's time for the Italian Autumn Classics again.

The 112-year old Il Lombardia is the centerpiece of the fall calendar — the last of the five monuments and the only one not held in spring. Lombardia is the star, but it is supported by an undercard rich in Italian cycling history and local flavor that is relatively undiluted by the sport’s global push. During the weeks before Lombardia, northern Italy hosts another number of classics ranging from UCI 1.HC to UCI 1.2 status - among them Milano-Torino,  which debuted in 1876, 16 years before La Doyenne, which makes it the oldest race on the professional calendar.

13.09.      1.1      #med   Coppa Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze
14.09.      1.1      #flat   Coppa Bernocchi
16.09.      1.1      #flat   Memorial Marco Pantani
26.09. - 27.09.      2.1      #med   Giro della Toscana - Memorial Alfredo Martini
28.09.      1.1      #med   Coppa Sabatini - Gran Premio Città di Peccioli
30.09.      1.HC      #mountain   Giro dell'Emilia
01.10.      1.HC      #med   Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli
01.10.      1.2U      #med   Piccolo Giro di Lombardia
03.10.      1.HC      #med   Tre Valli Varesine
05.10.      1.HC      #mountain   Milano-Torino
07.10      WT      #mountain   Giro di Lombardia

The schedule of races is more or less the same as last year, starting with the two Coppas and with Lombardia as the highlight in the end, which should attract good starting fields to races like the Giro dell'Emilia again.

The "Trittico di Autumno" (consisting of Milano-Torino, Piemonte and Lombardia, brought back by RCS two years ago) is down to two though this year, as the Giro del Piemonte was basically held in June already, as the Italian National Championship. From the GP Industria & Commercio di Prato, initially part of the calendar last year, there's no sign of return unfortunately.

Two newly introduced two-day race Giro della Toscana will remain in the calendar though, basically forming a series of three one day races together with the Coppa Sabatini the day after again, including an overall competition over those three days, called "Memorial Martini".

Unfortunately the Trittico Lombardo is still separated by nearly three weeks now, with Agostoni and Bernocchi right at the start, and Tre Valli Varesine two weeks after, but apart from us no one regarded it as an overall competition anymore anyway, I guess ;).

According to the early schedules, we should get live coverage for Coppa Agostoni, Coppa Bernocchi, Giro dell'Emilia, GP Beghelli, Tre Valli Varesine, Milano-Torino and Il Lombardia - which is pretty amazing, I must say :cool
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Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics
Post by: search on September 11, 2017, 09:23
most races are also part of the "Ciclismo Cup" - all but (Piccolo) Lombardia and Milano-Torino, actually. Here are the current standings:

Classifica Individuale

Pos. Gruppo Sportivo Atleta Punti
1       #androni      BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley*       137
2       #uae      ULISSI Diego       120
3       #trek      FELLINE Fabio       114
4       #androni      GAVAZZI Francesco       101
5       #astana      ARU Fabio       100
6       #androni      CATTANEO Mattia       96
7       #fantini      CANOLA Marco       87
8       #androni      TORRES AGUDELO Rodolfo       87
9       #ag2r      POZZOVIVO Domenico       82
10       #amore      CELANO Danilo       73

Classifica  a squadre

Pos. Gruppo Sportivo Punti
1       #androni Androni-Sidermec       321
2       #wilier Wilier Triestina-Selle Italia      217
3       #fantini Nippo-Vini Fantini      208
4       #bardiani Bardiani-CSF      120
5       #uae UAE Abu Dhabi      111
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Coppa Agostoni)
Post by: search on September 11, 2017, 09:49
71° Coppa Ugo Agostoni - GP Banca Popolare di Milano

Wednesday, September 13th

The season of Italian Autumn Classics starts on Wednesday with the first race of the Trittico Lombardo, the Coppa Ugo Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze - GP Banca Popolare di Milano. In recent years, climbers like Rebellin or Sella, as well as alrounders like Pozzato and Colbrelli, but also more or less pure sprinters like Modolo or Bonifazio were victorious at the finish in Lissone.

1st 2nd 3rd
2016      *it   COLBRELLI Sonny      *it   ULISSI Diego      *it   GAVAZZI Francesco
2015      *it   REBELLIN Davide      *it   NIBALI Vincenzo      *it   BONIFAZIO Niccolo
2014      *it   BONIFAZIO Niccolo      *si   BOLE Grega      *it   PONZI Simone
2013      *it   POZZATO Filippo      *it   PONZI Simone      *it   ZAMPARELLA Marco
2012      *it   SELLA Emanuele      *it   BALIANI Fortunato      *it   DI LUCA Danilo

Two years ago the organizers hardened up the parcours though to attract Nibali and give him the opportunity to prepare for the Richmond World Championships after his exclusion from the Vuelta - and they sticked to that approach. So the riders still have to tackle four laps on the hilly circuit around Lissolo instead of one in previous editions:

( (

That circuit is not super hard though, last year quite a lot of sprinter managed to close the gap on the flat run-in to the finish, so it should be an open race, which favors attacking riders, but leaves the sprinter teams some hope as well.

The provisional start list ( looks good:

Seems like Finetto will be on double duties for #delko and #teamit :P. What's up with #cajarural Celano though?

The only non-Italian winner in the past 14 years was Linus Gerdemann in 2008 - and looking at that list of participants, that's unlikely to change. But #fortuneo Romain Hardy is in good shape though and recently won the Tour du Doubs and Albasini looked good in Montreal, so who knows.

The race will be broadcasted live for the first time (as far as I can remember) on Rai Sport, PMG Sport and Eurosport (among others) on from ~13:45 cest
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Coppa Agostoni)
Post by: Leadbelly on September 11, 2017, 10:36
What's up with #cajarural Celano though?

He missed Limousin due to a fever, so it's possible he's still recovering from that.

There could be other explanations of course. :shh
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Coppa Agostoni)
Post by: Mellow Velo on September 11, 2017, 15:57
 The Bike Channel UK also has both races live, this week.
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Coppa Agostoni)
Post by: Mellow Velo on September 12, 2017, 20:22
The Bike Channel UK also has both races live, this week.

The Bike Channel UK ceased transmission, yesterday.  :(
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Coppa Agostoni)
Post by: jimmythecuckoo on September 13, 2017, 14:48
Strange one that.

I thought they would have a decent commercial deal set up and utilise Sky and Sky Italia to keep them going.
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Coppa Agostoni)
Post by: Leadbelly on September 14, 2017, 18:41

Boivin was meant to be leading out Raim (who got cramp).
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Coppa Agostoni)
Post by: Mellow Velo on September 25, 2017, 08:03
 Looking at this week's races via Rai's tv grid, Giro della Toscana, Coppa Sabatini and GP Beghelli have highlights only, this week.
I mention the fact because first reports suggested that GP Beghelli would be shown live. In fact it has just 40 minutes of highlights on Sunday evening.

I can confirm that the Giro dell'Emilia does have live coverage: 15-30 to 17-15cet.

I expect the following week's races all to have live coverage, as usual.
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Memorial Martini)
Post by: search on September 25, 2017, 11:32
Memorial Martini: Giro della Toscana & Coppa Sabatini

Tueday 26th to Thursday 28th

After the debut last year, the Memorial Alfredo Martini returns in a similar fashion, consisting of the two day 2.1 race Giro della Toscana and the 1.1 race Coppa Sabatini the day after:

The parcours of the Giro della Toscana is way harder this time though, especially with the (~9k at 5% average) mountain top finish on day 2.

Giro della Toscana - Stage 1: Pontedera - Pontedera (181,8 km / 49,9 km + 2x 54,4 km + 3x 7,7 km)

( (

Giro della Toscana - Stage 2: Lajatico - Volterra (165,1 km)

( (

Coppa Sabatini: Peccioli - Peccioli (195,9 km / 57,6 km + 3x 21,7 km + 6x 12,2 km)

( ( (

Additional to the normal classification by time in the Giro della Toscana, there's a combined points classification for both races. 1 to 50 points are awarded to the Top 20 each of the three days, and the rider with the most points takes the overall.


Participating teams:

A full start list doesn't seem to be available yet, but among those riders confirmed to participate are big names like #astana Vincenzo Nibali, #bahrain Sonny Colbrelli, #bahrain Enrico Gasparotto, #fantini Damiano Cunego, #dimension Mark Cavendish and #dimension Steve Cummings.

As MV mentioned above, highlights on tv will be broadcasted in the evening each day.
Title: Re: The Italian Autumn Classics (Memorial Martini)
Post by: search on September 25, 2017, 18:03
~pdf Start List (

so we have...
...which (in numbers) is less than expected to be honest. But almost all teams are sending their big players :cool

Spoiler (hover to show)