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Title: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: search on June 12, 2018, 13:03
Tour of Slovenia

The 25th edition of the Dirka Po Sloveniji starts on Wednesday, with two stages likely to end in a big sprint, two stages for the climbers, and a time trial to finish it off:


With nine World Tour teams the field ( has improved quite a bit this year, especially as many strong sprinters decided to come to Slovenia now after the cancellation of the ZLM Tour. But also the climbing field looks alright with guys like Uran, Roglic, Majka, Formolo and Sosa on the provisional start list.

All stages (apart from the ITT, as far as I can see) are live on Eurosport.
Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: t-72 on June 12, 2018, 21:16
The quality of the lineup is surprisingly good. This must be the TdF squad, more or less?
(feat. the Bee-train + Rogla?)

and by the way, kind of disappointing they don't climb Rogla :)
Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: search on June 12, 2018, 21:41
yeah, more or less I guess. Gesink will come in, probably replacing Eenkhoorn. And maybe another mountain dom for Kruijswijk?
Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: L'arri on June 13, 2018, 10:31
Nice pointless bit here early on Stage 1. Perhaps a road closure elsewhere or something.


Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: t-72 on June 13, 2018, 23:12
The A-list of sprinters with more or less complete trains that showed up here failed completely today, and #uae Simone Consonni wins what could have been a regular Tour of Slovenia sprint, like any year.
2 crashes on the last lap:
The first taking out lots of riders caused by a #mitchelton CAleb Ewan hitting #jumbo Timo Roosens back wheel when the field was taking a right-left movement anticipating the next curve. Ewan himself went down, of course and also Mark Renshaw. The other main sprinters seemed to stay upright but several including #sunweb Walscheid and #jumbo Groenewegen had to stop more or less completely and they couldn't make it back up in time for the sprint.
The second crash was caused by ... a sidewalk that  that was not fenced off, which lead to several riders accidentally finding themselves very near the edge of the sidewalk (both on the street and on the sidewalk) in the next moment. A Bora rider (some places identified as Majka, but ... in the sprint? )  flipped cause he hit the curb and one #academy rider went down with him.  The #katusha Katusha train ended up with everybody on the sidewalk, and problems getting back onto the street probably caused Kittel not being able to come back.

The small group in front of both crashes that made it to the sprint consisted of some designated sprinters but more lead-out men that had to do the sprint. That's a bit of an anti-climax, when it looked like it would be a great sprint stage. 

Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: t-72 on June 14, 2018, 21:30
Disclaimer: I didn't see but the last 7.6 km today, so I might have missed quite a lot.

However, the conclusion is: #jumbo Groenewegen is the man of the hour.  Even on a day when the usually flawless bee-train derailed a little at step 3 (Jansen Valverde :o) for reasons I couldn't quite see, and when Groenewegen had to position himself and started his sprint quite far back, he swooshed through the other sprinters with superior speed. A clever #bora Matteo Pelucchi followed his back to 2nd place finish.

One can only wonder if #jumbo Groenewegen is peaking to soon. He might not look this good on the Champs Elysees but it won't matter after 2 stage wins in the opening 10 days.. (you read it here first  :P)

#mitchelton Mitchelton-Scott's train actually was dominant on the front in the last 2 km but Ewan could only turn that into a 3rd place. However, he might have had a tough night after crashing yesterday so it is not a given that he was sprinting his best today.

The story today that the best team with the best train lost to the best sprinter today, with #jumbo Groenewegen himself taking personal responsibility for bringing home the bacon.

Some german dude called Kittel is nowhere to be seen. He finished behind everyone in the #sangemini Sangemini 27th or thereabouts.
I wonder: Is the team spirit in #katusha Katusha ok now,  or are they lacking motivation? To me, they are starting to look like a football team with good players trying to get rid of the manager. No-one except possibly Spilak performing at their usual level?
Alternatively, they just came out of a big block of heavy training and don't have the legs they intend to bring to France yet.

Also noted: #didata Mark Cavendish did a proper sprint without crashes. That is actually a substantial improvement for this year.

All aboard the bee-train!

Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: M Gee on June 15, 2018, 00:54
Cav didn't go down yesterday? I only got a Slovene recording - the only thing I know is they were saying Cavendish a lot.

I really hope he stays upright for a while. What with Thomas earning "the crashing Welshman", Cav could easily earn the title for Manx.
Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: L'arri on June 15, 2018, 08:56
Marcel, Marcel, where art thou, Marcel? I know Greipel often sits up whenever he smells reckless endangerment but Greipel has the longevity and toys in his garden.

Kittel has been on it precisely once this year, at Tirreno.

To refer to t-72's post above, I'm not sure peaking too soon is really a thing for sprinters, is there? They're either hot or they're not. :)

DG has been hot all season so far and MK has been not pretty much all season so far. July could and should be the month when DG finally gets an equal share of the attention.
Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: M Gee on June 16, 2018, 14:01
All I've got online from Slovenia is clips and highlights - but it looks like it would be a fun one to watch this year. Looks to be lots of action and tactical attacks.
Title: Re: Tour of Slovenia
Post by: M Gee on June 24, 2018, 03:39
Just watched stage 4, when Roglic took over the lead. Mountain stage very similar to some of the TDF stages this year: 3 climbs with a descent to the finish. Roglic did a nice job taking the lead away from Uran. Worth noticing that Roglic took a good chunk of time on the descent. Very Nibali-like.