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Title: Velogames - TA 2020
Post by: Leadbelly on September 05, 2020, 20:03

League Name: Velorooms
League Code: 23845309

If you have been part of any of the races so far this year then there is no need to enter the code again, you will automatically join the league. The code is only for new entrants.

If you are interested in winning the season long league please keep your manager name the same throughout the year and ideally have it the same as your VR name or Twitter handle. If you change it, you run the risk of not getting the correct amount of points. Also please limit yourself to one entry or you risk disqualification from that event.

Current top-ten:

2Anselmo Tadeu18
3Fabio Xuxo17
3Marcel Lopes17
5Joao Peixoto15
6Lord Di Lego13
9Nick Hudak11
10Joao Pinto10

Giro Rosa should be coming along soon as well.
Title: Re: Velogames - TA 2020
Post by: Leadbelly on September 14, 2020, 20:38

Wow my team was a trainwreck. Congratulations to anyone who did well here, but especially Pedro who won by an Italian country mile. He crucially avoided both Fuglsang and MVDP.

Current top-ten:

1Joao Peixoto24
3Anselmo Tadeu18
4Fabio Xuxo17
4Lord Di Lego17
4Marcel Lopes17
7Joao Pinto13
10Nick Hudak11
10Tolga yuksel11

Finally a new leader and Anselmo's run of scoring in every round ended here.