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Title: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: Leadbelly on December 17, 2020, 18:04
Vuelta a San Juan 24th - 31st January


Etapa 1: Punta Negra Embarcadero

Etapa 2: Circuito San Juan Villicum

Etapa 3: ITT

Etapa 4: Circuito San Juan Villicum

Etapa 5: Circuito San Juan Villicum

Etapa 6: Alto Colorado

Etapa 7: Circuito San Juan Villicum

Etapa 8: Circuito San Juan Villicum

Profiles will be added later.
Title: Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: Leadbelly on December 17, 2020, 18:07

Competing teams:

BORA-hansgrohe (Sagan)
Cofidis (Viviani)
Deceuninck-Quick-Step (Almeida and Hodeg)
Israel Start-Up Nation (Froome)

Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec (Sepulveda)
Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè (Carboni)
Rally Cycling
Vini Zabù-KTM (Mareczko)

Agrupación Virgen de Fátima
Amore e Vita
Medellín (Sevilla)
Municipalidad de Pocito
Municipalidad de Rawson
Puertas de Cuyo
San Luis
SEP San Juan

Italy (Ganna and Moscon)
Title: Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: Leadbelly on December 17, 2020, 18:14

For the time being in lieu of profiles the official website has brief descriptions of the eight stages.

First stage: 154,400 km

It is one of the three stages that do not start at the Villicum. The start will be at the Autodromo El Zonda Eduardo Copello. You will tour the perilago of the Ullúm Dam and the classic Punta Negra Dam circuit along the Interlagos Route, Las Moras street. The goal will be at the Punta Negra Embarcadero, perhaps the most impressive finish of the competition in terms of scenery. This circuit is one of the toughest in the competition because you have to climb the Punta Negra wall five times.

(Alaphilippe and Villalobos are the previous winners on this finish.)

Second stage: 169,800 km

It begins and ends in the strict bubble formed in the San Juan Villicum Circuit. It will cross nine departments with the rise of the Double Cerrillo and the Cochagual section to Route 40 as a false plane in which the legs of the cyclists will wear out to reach the hard Circuit for the definition.

Third stage: 16,400 km

The individual time trial will have the particularity of starting in front of the Bicentennial Stadium and ending in front of the Vicente Alejo Chancay Velodrome under construction. It will be a flat time of 16,400 kilometers.

Fourth stage: 169,000 km

Starts and ends at the San Juan Villicum Circuit. You will travel to the heart of Pocito to travel four turns of the circuit that make up Ruta 40, calle 14, Aberastain and calle 11. Then you will use Route 40 South to travel to Santa Lucía and continue east to July 9 to return to San Martín , Angaco and Albardón. Flat stage with the last 5 difficult kilometers in the Villicum.

Fifth stage: 167,500 km

The fifth stage will have the peculiarity of traveling to Caucete. It will be transitional. Four turns on the avenues circuits.

Sixth stage: 161,500 km

The queen stage continues with the arrival at Cerro Alto Colorado. It will be the most complicated and most wear and tear due to the complex layout. Since the competition entered the UCI calendar, it has the particularity of who becomes the leader after the end ends up being the winner of the Vuelta a San Juan.

Seventh stage: 174,500 km

The race will be tough with the climb to the Cuesta de las Vacas prior to the Difunta Correa spot. A long stage of 169,798 kilometers that will be defined in the San Juan Villicum Circuit.

Eighth stage: 147,300 km

To finish, a route will be developed that travels through Albardón, Angaco, Chimbas, Capital, Santa Lucía, July 9, San Martín to return to Angaco and reach the Villicum Circuit in which nine laps will be made prior to the end .

Not a lot to get excited about with 5 stages beginning and ending at the Circuito San Juan Villicum. Hopefully a break can take one of those stages or we get some wind to enliven things.
Title: Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: Leadbelly on December 17, 2020, 18:28

Chris Froome
Rudy Barbier
Guy Niv
Tom Van Asbroeck
Alex Cataford
Patrick Bevin

CHRIS FROOME will lead the Israeli team’s squad for the first time.

However a paragraph or two later.

The team’s new sportive manager, Rik Verbrugghe, has made it clear that the opening race will be used merely as an opportunity for Froome to build up to racing shape. “He is not going to Argentina to win the race,”

So in reality Barbier will be the team leader and he might be able to repeat his success of last year. If we go by what was expected of them, Viviani and Hodeg had very poor seasons in 2020. Sagan only had the one victory and that wasn't from a sprint.

Title: Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: search on December 17, 2020, 19:41
if he can reach TDU 2019 shape, Bevin could do alright though
Title: Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: Leadbelly on December 18, 2020, 19:14
if he can reach TDU 2019 shape, Bevin could do alright though

While Alto Colorado is a strange climb and it does allow unusual names to figure in the top-ten (Ganna and Tivani last year), I would still be very surprised if Bevin was up there challenging. Hopefully he'll be there or thereabouts in the TT, can do a good job with TVA in the train and then, if he has his TDU legs, the finish on stage one.
Title: Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: search on December 22, 2020, 08:30
#deceuninck, according to today's Het Nieuwsblad:

Joao Almeida
Alvaro Hodeg
Yves Lampaert
Bert van Lerberghe
Stijn Steels
Mauri Vansevenant
Title: Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
Post by: Leadbelly on January 10, 2021, 10:21
It's not official, but the news coming in recently just confirms the non-participation of foreign teams.

Quote from: Bora DS Jan Valach
Is the cancellation of the start in Argentina a serious intervention in preparation for the season?

I perceive it as a reality that we must not only accept. If we know in advance that a change will take place, we can arrange ourselves differently. But I admit, I was looking forward to these races and I'm sorry we had to give them up. There are always eight interesting stages, even with a day off, there is a good atmosphere, the hotels are good. The Argentine race was a perfect preparation for the season.

Instead they are doing a training camp at Lake Garda and then Sagan's group will go off to the Canary Islands.

Rik Verbrugghe also said the other day that Froome's season would now begin in Portugal with Algarve.