2020 Youth CQ Ranking Game

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Youth CQ Ranking Game 2020

Ciao fellow Veloroomies, welcome to the eighth annual Youth CQ Ranking Manager Game. This game allows you to showcase your knowledge of upcoming youngsters, and hopefully take a gamble on a couple of really young riders.
Originally this game was invented by mc_mountain, based on Hugo Koblet's CQ Ranking Manager Game.

Your task is to create a team with 12-15 riders at 1000 CQ points to get the best possible return.

1. How ...


Stage 3, Binche > Épernay - 215 km

Mellow Velo
Mellow Velo
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Stage 3: Binche > Épernay 08/07/2019 - Stage 3 - 215 km

At 215 kilometres, the 3rd stage of the Tour de France travels from Binche to Épernay, which is located at the heart of the Champagne region. The hilly finale suits the Classics riders.

Stage 3 takes the riders south from Binche, and they cross the border from Belgium to France after 12km. Initially, they are in the dépa...


Giro 2019: The Big Preview

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Giro d'Italia: Big Preview

The coming edition of the Corsa Rosa will be raced almost entirely in Italy, crossing the border only for one stage finish in the Republic of San Marino. Three Individual Time Trials, six low difficulty stages suitable for sprinters, seven of medium difficulty and five high difficulty stages form next year’s course. There will be a total of seven summit finishes, including the Bologna and S...


Tour de France 2018: The Jersey Contenders

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#green Classement par points

The points classification of the Tour de France has a long history, going back to 1905 when the decision was made to determine the winner of the yellow jersey by points instead of a time system. And although it was changed back in 1912 the points system was reintroduced in 1953 to celebrate the 50th birthda...


Vuelta a España 2017 - The Jersey Contenders

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#vert Clasificación por puntos

The green jersey in the Vuelta is awarded to the rider who comes first in the point-based classification. It was first awarded in 1945, but although the sponsor Pirelli said that the classification was a great success, it did not return the next edition. The nex...

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