TDF Stage Previews

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It's that time of the year again. The new national champions have been crowned in races across Europe, new jerseys have been designed, sponsor logos - with the exception of FDJ - have been squeezed between bands of various flags. And now we settle in for a summer watching the second greatest race in the world.

As per our tradition here, we are asking you - our esteemed and learnèd members and friends - to help us out by previewing one (or more) stages of the race. There is no set form...


2017 Teams and Licences

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The UCI's system of dates for announcing rider contracts and team licences has remained resolute over the last few years in the face of it being totally ignored by almost everybody. In fact, the "silly season" of rumours, half-confirmations and CyclingNews "exclusives" seems to start earlier every year.

And this year it seems to be somehow sillier, as well!

Big name rider retirements freeing up budgets, Uncle Oleg putting us out of our misery and himself out to pasture, rum...


Who will win the Giro

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The Fight for Pink   


Well spring is over for another year - and what a spring it was.  The cobbles delivered this year ... in a way they havent for a few years now.  Can the giro live up to its oft-voted 'Best Grand Tour' reputation?

The Route is set, the field is set, the weather has been ... we...



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For some, it's only a dirt track. For us, it's the gate of hell.

Paris-Roubaix 2016

The season's last big test across the cobbles is just around the corner. Unfortunately, any rider with anything left in their legs after a brutal early season calendar will turn that corner to find 257.5km, of which 52.8km form t...


Giro d´Italia Big Preview

just some guy
just some guy
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The Giro was first held in 1909, organised by the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. That first edition was started by 127 riders, 49 of whom finished. Of those 49 the fastest was Luig

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