Worlds, Ponferrada 2014

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Since 2011, when the event took place in Copenhagen (Denmark), the junior event is again back during the Road Cycling World Championship week. As a result, and as in Valkenburg 2012 and Florence 2013, 12 titles will be up for competition this year. It means that Ponferrada 2014 will see the crowning of 12 new world champions.

It was at the Copenhagen event that the UCI Managemen


Sky, testing, and JTL

Race Radio
Race Radio
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Sky, testing, and JTL

Hope nobody minds a new topic on this but there is an element of the JTL case that has not received much attention, but hopefully will soon.

In addition to the ABP test at Worlds that resulted in a 155 OFF Score JTL also did a Sky internal test in Manchester that resulted in a 127.8. These results raise many questi...


Kits 2015 season

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just some guy
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Kits 2015 season

may not be the offical but

Orange cycling -

I here by start the nickname Roompot bus


Q&A Jonathan Vaughters

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Q&A Session:
Jonathan Vaughters, Garmin-Sharp boss

21 July (Second Rest Day)

Yes, folks! Velorooms has somehow cajoled and convinced one of pro cycling's most colourful characters to do a Q&A Session.

Jonathan Vaughters, top dog at Garmin-Sharp, former guard dog of the peloton and hot dog in a smoking jacket will be joining us on the To...


TDF Roster Analysis

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2014 Tour de France Roster Analysis
Who is out, who is safe?

A breakdown of the 22 team rosters of the teams going to France. An attempt to display who is likely to ride and who is not, what team goals are (the goals will be listed based on priority). Please comment/discuss and let me know when I mess up and include injured riders, which I assume is bound to happen.

 #skyTeam Sky

Team goals: Win the Tour with Froome, Win a stage ...

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