Sally Jenkins on Armstrong

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Sally Jenkins on Armstrong
Much as Im loathed to give this woman the benefit of any publicity, this is a great example of the press at their most complicit, their most idiotic, and their most self serving.
"As for my reputation, if I can wind up with a rep for being a good friend and an independent thinker, I’d like that." Sally Jenkins, October 2012



World Series of Cycling

just some guy
just some guy
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[bbc]A new cycling World Series featuring 10 grand prix races could be in place as soon as 2014.
Cycling's governing body, the UCI, has confirmed it is in talks with Omega Pharma-QuickStep  owner Zdenek Bakala, who would finance the project.

An off shoot of - Is time for a revolut...


Change Cycling Now Group

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just some guy
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Change Cycling Now conference

"The group ... is holding the UCI to account for (alleged) mis-handling the sport's global image in the wake of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal and will discuss proposals that offer an alternative approach to re-invigorate a sport that is suffering from a globally damaged reputation," organisers said in a statement.

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Youth CQ Ranking Game 2013

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Welcome to the inaugural Youth CQ Ranking Manager Game, the game in which you can showcase your knowledge of upcoming youngsters, and hopefully take a gamble on a couple of really young riders.

With the success of Hugo's game I have found myself much more interested in u23 racing, and wanted to take this interest and make a game of it.


UCI president Elections - September 2013

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just some guy
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2 names have popped up ,I hope Sylvia Schenk puts her hand up. Pat McQuaid wants to be re-elected , Andrei Tchmil is talking about it.

My hope Schenk wins the election but I have no idea if she will try again .

Tchmil would be worse than Pat imo

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