An Open Letter from Greg Lemond

Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy
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Three time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond posted this open letter on his Facebook page.
Can anyone help me out? I know this sounds kind of lame but I am not well versed in social marketing. I would like to send a message to everyone that really loves cycling. I do not use Twitter and do not have an organized way of gettin...


CIRC report

just some guy
just some guy
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Report due Early March 2015, watch this space 

Thought we may as well start discussing this in detail plus record any public calls for such a thing

plus if it happens a place to record the details of confessions and your personal opinion on such a thing 


Riders/Staff Named in USADA evidence

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A list of riders in the USADA documents linked to doping outside of the six banned by USADA, Lance, Tyler, Kevin Livingstone, and Floyd. Please include the source.

This thread is for detailed lists of the riders involved. For discussion over who the riders are please use the discussion thread. [url=

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