Mens' Transfers and Rumours 2022-23

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In the meantime (ie. in 2022) Mihkels will ride for Ampler and De Pooter with Hagens Berman.

There are a few other transfers already known:

Frigo -------> #israel

Martin Lopez ------> #astana (but not 100% confirmed)

Ciuccarelli --------> #androni (however we thought the same about Conca and Colleoni)


Kits 2022

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Nothing special, but I think it will be very easy to identify from head-on.


2020 Smaller Race Results and Discussion

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Vuelta al Tachira 12th - 19th January

Etapa 1: San Cristobal - Táriba, Metropolitan Circuit (117.6km)

Etapa 2: El Piñal - Abejales (154.8km)

Etapa 3: Rubio Circuit (135.2km)

[img width=600 height=312]


Womens Cycling Round table

just some guy
just some guy
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Similar in format to the Interview the interviewers Q & A we have asked a group of womens cycling commentators their views by asking 5 questions, by Commentators in this case people who are on social media discussing the ins and outs of womens´ cycling some are paid others do it for the Love. 

Question 1.
In Cookson's Manifesto, one of the main pledges was minimum wages in women's cycling, In a video via Sky news published o...


interview the interviewers

just some guy
just some guy
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Many of us follow various people on twitter, read the articles, books they write or listen to them on Eurosport or on a cycling Podcast. Much of the time we are taking in information they they are providing on the facts at that time, do you every wonder what they the person behind the keyboard or microphone really think?

Well I do, I sometime ask on twitter  :D , so we decided to ask the same 5 questions to various Cycling people to see what they say.

The Questions are ...

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