Le Tour du Haut-Var

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OK, why a race thread on the Tour du Haut-Var? Let's just call it personal preference  :D I have been cycling in this area 3 times and I am going back in mid May if things go according to schedule. Apart from that it is just another small stage race in the French cup, I admit - even if it is one frequently used as warm up by somewhat francophile pros.

Here's an overview map showing all the stages



70th Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana

just some guy
just some guy
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The official theme song for the Volta 2019 is released
Ñekü presented their new single “Volver a verte” during a live presentation this week. This song is the official theme song of the 70th Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana Gran Premi Banc Sabadell.

“Volver a verte” is the new single presented by the Valencian music band Ñekü. This song is


Santos Tour Down Under

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Santos Tour Down Under

January 15th to 20th 2019

Since 1999 the cycling world comes to Australia for the start of the season, and so it will do this year. With the king in new colors. Until he takes the ochre jersey at least.

As usual, the parcours features stages surrounding Adelaide, from flat to undulating.

[img width=573 height=800]http...


[2.1] Tour Colombia 2.1

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Tour Colombia 2.1 12th - 17th February

Etapa 1: Medellín TTT (14 km)

Etapa 2: La Ceja – La Ceja (150.5 km)

Etapa 3: Circuito en Llanogrande (167.6 km)

[img width=600 height...


[2.2] Vuelta al Tachira

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Vuelta al Tachira 11th - 18th January

Etapa 1: Planta de Concafe - Circuito en Rubio (124.8km)

Etapa 2: San Cristobal - Borotá (130.8km)

Etapa 3: Táriba – San Cristóbal (Circuito) (132.3km)


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