2017 Route du Sud (2.1)

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Here is the 2017 route, announce today in Toulouse.

So 4 stages, 672,9km, and a strong mountain stage in the Pyrenees. This year's specificity is the first medium moutain stage, with 3 climbs in Languedoc. The two other stages will also be quite hilly, though more surely dedicated to sprinters.

Full details

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Giro d ´Italia Stage: 3 - Tortolì - Cagliari, 148.00 km

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The stage is basically flat, with just mild and gentle undulations throughout the route. The first 90 kilometres are raced on a fast-flow road, passing through a number of well-lit tunnels. After leaving the ss. 125, the route runs across Villasimius (intermediate sprint) and takes in a few short climbs along the coastal roa...


Giro d´Italia Stage: 2 - Olbia - Tortolì, 208.00 km

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This is a medium mountain stage, running almost entirely through inland Sardinia. The stage starts from Olbia (two stages in 1991) and first comes a rolling section across the district of Nuoro, with three long climbs: Bitti and Orune (non-categorised climb), Nuoro (a steeper, categorised climb) and Passo di Genna Silana (cat. climb). Past Genna Silana comes a long,...


Giro d´Italia Stage: 1 Alghero - Olbia, 203.00 km

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And so it begins the 100th edition of the Giro, and cycling fans around the world rejoice

100 is a round and historical number. And Giro d’Italia 100 could only be the modern synthesis of itself. 107 years have gone by since that m...


Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste

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50 years is the beautiful age reached this year by the Tour de Bretagne cyclist whose presentation took place on March 23 in the salons of the Brittany region.

If the stages and their topography had been announced a few weeks ago, the announcement of the 24 teams chosen to celebrate the 50 years of the Tour de Bretagne animated all discussions.


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