4 Jours de Dunkerque

just some guy
just some guy
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Five days of racing covering nearly 900 kilometers through the roads of the Nord - Pas de Calais region.
A 2016 route still unpublished for the pleasure of the many public present. 3 passages at the top of the Cap Blanc Nez, the unavoidable paved areas, a visit to the Cambrésis and the mining country.
A return to the Ternois after a long absence, the mythical day in Cassel are the ingredients for this 62nd edition.

A cycling race in stages classified M


Stage 4 » Cefalù › Etna (181k)

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Stage 4  »  Cefalù › Etna  (181k)

The first MTF and potential for the f...


2017 Route du Sud (2.1)

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Here is the 2017 route, announce today in Toulouse.

So 4 stages, 672,9km, and a strong mountain stage in the Pyrenees. This year's specificity is the first medium moutain stage, with 3 climbs in Languedoc. The two other stages will also be quite hilly, though more surely dedicated to sprinters.

Full details

[img widt...


Giro d ´Italia Stage: 3 - Tortolì - Cagliari, 148.00 km

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just some guy
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The stage is basically flat, with just mild and gentle undulations throughout the route. The first 90 kilometres are raced on a fast-flow road, passing through a number of well-lit tunnels. After leaving the ss. 125, the route runs across Villasimius (intermediate sprint) and takes in a few short climbs along the coastal roa...


Giro d´Italia Stage: 2 - Olbia - Tortolì, 208.00 km

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just some guy
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This is a medium mountain stage, running almost entirely through inland Sardinia. The stage starts from Olbia (two stages in 1991) and first comes a rolling section across the district of Nuoro, with three long climbs: Bitti and Orune (non-categorised climb), Nuoro (a steeper, categorised climb) and Passo di Genna Silana (cat. climb). Past Genna Silana comes a long,...

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