Giro d´Italia Stage: 1 Alghero - Olbia, 203.00 km

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And so it begins the 100th edition of the Giro, and cycling fans around the world rejoice

100 is a round and historical number. And Giro d’Italia 100 could only be the modern synthesis of itself. 107 years have gone by since that m...


Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste

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50 years is the beautiful age reached this year by the Tour de Bretagne cyclist whose presentation took place on March 23 in the salons of the Brittany region.

If the stages and their topography had been announced a few weeks ago, the announcement of the 24 teams chosen to celebrate the 50 years of the Tour de Bretagne animated all discussions.



Tour de Romandie

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From the prologue to Eagle to the final time trial in Lausanne, the route proposes as in 2016 two arrivals in the mountains. The first stage towards Champéry (173.3 km) is promised to the baroudeurs, with 5 GPM, the last one of the 1st category. The small descent to Troistorrents, 7 km from the goal, can be the key pass where a tough guy could trap ever...



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The 103rd Liege-Bastogne-Liege[1]

They don't call this race "La Doyenne" - The Oldest - without good reason. It was 1892 when Liege-Bastogne-Liege was first raced, by amateurs, before turning pro in 1894. For c
 1. And, as it happens, the 5th in a row to be previewed by me... doesn't time fly?!


Tour of the Alps

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Tour of the Alps[1]

April 17th to 21st

The preparations for the Tour of the Alps are proceeding at full speed, on the way to the first edition of the new event stepping in the wake of the prestigious, 40-year-long history of Giro del Trentino. The International 2.HC stage race, born under the aegis of Euregio Tirol-Trentino-Alto Adige, will be run from April 17 to 21. The new project c
 1. Source for all text: Tour of the Alps Website

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