Rund um den Henninger Turm - May 1st 2013

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Rund um den Henninger Turm 2013

"Rund um den Heinninger Turm", or "Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt" as it's called nowadays (because the Henninger Brewery does not
exist anymore) is one of the most traditional


Tour de'Azerbaidjan 1st to 5th May

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The Tour d’Azerbaïdjan is a 2.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour which will start in Baku and pass 7 Azerbaijani regions.

The management of the race is Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and National Olympic Committee with the support of UCI.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a coun...


The 2013 Sibiu Tour

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Sibiu Tour - 11th to 14th July
It is two months away, but already the buildup has begun to what was one of the best races of the 2012, the awesome Sibiu Tour. Only in its third year, its reputation is rapidly growing and this year the UCI have seen fit to upgrade it to 2.1 status meaning three pro continental teams will take part, CCC Polsat, Androni and Vini Fantini, (WT teams also could take part - its the same ...


Gracia Orlova 2013 (2.2) - 24 April - 28 April - Czech Republic

just some guy
just some guy
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The 27th Edition of the list race, which has been expanded by 1 stage . It also makes the return to racing of last years winner Evelyn Stevens. Route looks interesting in the 1st 3 stages we have a prologue, nice uphill finish and a then a double stage day ITT then a stage which  short but up hill all the way to the finish, 4 and 5 offer the opportunity for good racing.

Prologue - 24 Apri...


Mzansi Tour, 17/04-21/04

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The current state of South African cycling, and why I care so much for it
Over two years ago, I eagerly followed the inaugural Tour of South Africa. Mostly via Twitter and local cycling sites, that was what really got me hooked on South African cycling. I'd been a follower of it before, but more in a "they're exotic and interesting" kind of way. After the ToSA, I knew the names and abilities of not only the big names like Hunter, but also of the lesser-known riders....

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