Amgen Tour of California 2013 may 12-19

just some guy
just some guy
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Can you feel the hype, the most important stage race of the season and for that matter the history of cycling The Tour of California

to help get you in the mood

Where you will here the commentators wax lyrical "  and here comes the American rider, riding...


Tour de San Luis 2013 - 21st to 27th January

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The Tour de San Luis, is a sporting event of international relevance biking in 2013 consecrated its seventh year, and will travel the routes of the Province of San Luis from 20 to 27 January. It is a competition class (2.1) of road cycling as part of the 40 tests of the UCI calendar vying American Tour in Argentina and throughout Latin, where the personal cha


National Road Race Championships - 19th to 24th June

just some guy
just some guy
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   Date      Nation      Discipline      Winner   
   19/06/13      Netherlands      Time Trial         
         Sweden       Time Trial         
         Switzerland      Time Trial         
   20/06/13      Canada      Time Trial         
         Ireland      Time Trial   

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