2019 Giro CQ game

Armchair Cyclist
Armchair Cyclist
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Some of you already know all this, and just need the nod to get started, but it is great to have new players.

Your team
You need to name 8 riders who will be on the startline for the Giro, and who have a total CQ value for the 12 months to 5th May (the Sunday before the start) of 3500 or less.  Those prices are as reported in the CQ download published on 6th May.
If you pick a rider who is not on the final startlist, or your team is overbudget, I will use the next che...


Velogames - Spring Classics 2019

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League Name:   Velorooms
League Code: 58432719

If you have been part of any of the races so far this year then there is no need to enter the code again, you will automatically join the league. The code is only for new entrants, but if in doubt use the code.

If you are interested in winning the season long league please keep your manager name the same throughout the year and ideally have it the same as yo...


2019 Spring Classics CQ Game

Armchair Cyclist
Armchair Cyclist
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Two sunny days in a row, so we must be getting near to the northern European spring, and closer to this game.

You need:-
* to name 12 riders (male) who had a total between them of not more than 3000 CQ points earned in 2018;
* to send me this list by PM, here or at CN, with the riders names in CQ format;
* to do this before the start of the Omloop Het Nieuwsblat Men's race on Saturday 2nd March;
* to hope that your selected dozen do well in the Europ...


2019 Official Prediction Game

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Copy paste from last year's thread:

The Rules :fanfare
1. Please get your predictions in before the stage/race starts as they may not be accepted. I will accept predictions after the start at my  discretion.
2. For a one day race, you predict places 1 to 5 and 27th place. For stage races, you predict places 1 to 5 and 27th for GC and all stages. Your prediction for GC...


2018 Vuelta CQ Game

Armchair Cyclist
Armchair Cyclist
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The ads are on TV, the team lists are gradually being posted: it's time to start this again.  Most of you are familiar with how it goes, just remember that we are down to teams of 8

Team of exactly eight riders   If you pick someone who is not riding, I'll replace him with the next cheapest of his team, or the next cheapest in the race if there is not one in his team.

Budget    Budget will be 3500 points.  If you are over budget, I'll take out the cheapest rid...

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