2015 CQ Game Thread

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The 2015 CQ Ranking Manager Thread!

Hi all, and welcome to the 2015 CQ Ranking Manager Game! This is the fifth edition of the game. Please see below for some history, basics, and more specific rules related to dates, dopers, etc.


The game was launched on December 8th 2010 by cyclingnews forum poster Hugo Koblet. His idea was to have a game where you build a cycling team from the website and its comprehensive numerical ra...


Off-season guessing game

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I think it was jsg who came up with the idea after we did a mini version in the chatbox, or maybe cj, anyway the idea is that a CQ graph gets posted, then the person who guesses which rider the graph belongs to gets to post another graph. That person then gets a points. So every time you guess a graph, post a new graph and post a list of names with points

For example
Flo 2
search 4
CJ 3

CJ gets a point and posts
Flo 2
search 4...


Velogames Vuelta 2014

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Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!

Challenge the mighty Mellow Velo if you dare!

League Name:   Velorooms
League Code: 17211039


2014 Vuelta CQ game

Armchair Cyclist
Armchair Cyclist
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The last of my games for the year:

Team of exactly nine riders. Teams with fewer riders will be filled out with cheapest riders available (if two or more riders are the joint cheapest, the rider whose name comes first alphabetically shall be used). If quota of nine cannot be reached in this manner (eg, 8 riders totalling exactly 3500, no free riders starting race) team will be disqualified.

Riders selected who do not start t...


La Course: Tipping Comp

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La Course,
Sunday 27/7/14.

Women's Race on the Champs Elysées, as per the final stage in the TDF.
13 laps (6.85km per lap) total of 89km.
Race starts at 12:50pm French time on Sunday the 27th July.

Select 8 riders with a total value of no more than 100 credits.
Points are awarded for the first 5 of the first 11 laps (as per sprint comp), Points for the top 20 overall race result and also the top 3 young rider race result ...

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