Velogames Fantasy - Giro

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League Name:   Velorooms
League Code: 30231333

I think I will be entering in this.
May the very best member win. :hitch


Official Prediction Game

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So here goes.. :fanfare

I don't think much should be changed from last year, though anyone else is welcome to have their say. As AG hasn't started the thread yet, and it is getting perilously close to the first WT race of the year, I think it is time to get off the ground:

1) So simply it involves picking who you think will come Top 5 for every WT race. Prior to each Stage race, you also have to pick your Top 5 on GC, in addition to each individual stage. And of course 27th...


Youth CQ Game 2014

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Youth CQ Ranking Game 2014
Welcome to the second annual Youth CQ Ranking Manager Game, and the first to also appear on Cycling News forum.  This game allows you to showcase your knowledge of upcoming youngsters, and hopefully take a gamble on a couple of really young riders.

With the success of Hugo's original game I have found myself much more interested...

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