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Re: 2022 Tour de France CQ Game
« on: July 01, 2022, 18:45 »
Major investments
Riders costing 700 points plus in our teams:

Pogacar:  Yellow Knight
Roglic:  Rote Laterne
Vingegaard with Mas:  Blues in the Bottle
   with O'Connor:  DJW
   with Martinez:  Los Brolin
   with Bardet:  Northerner
   alone:  18 Valve, Lecko
Van der Poel with Philipsen:  Jumbo Visma Fan
   with Gaudu and Haig:  Salvarani
   with Ganna: Bicycle Boy
   with Bardet: Postman Hat
Vlasov with Martinez:  Bminchow, Laarsland
   with Quintana and Gaudu:  Vladimir
   with Haig:  Archie Boy, Armchair Cyclist, Otoxiep87
   with Bardet:  Comodoro
Jakobsen with Caruso:  Josedin
O'Connor with Quintana and Haig: Scrooll07
   with Haig: Amis Velo, Triley36, ZigZag Wanderer
   with Haig and Bardet: Mellow Velo
   with Laporte:  ChrisDK
Martinez with Quintana:   Kazistuta
   with Caruso:   Del 1962
   with Gaudu:   Evans is the Best
   with Bardet:   Carrick on Seine
Yates with Haig: Rufs
   with Bardet: Leadbelly
Martin with Gaudu: Samu Cuenca
Caruso with Gaudu:  Bonimenier
   only:   Search
Gaudu with Bardet:  Titan 31
Ganna with Bardet: DJSprtsch
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