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Baracchi Trophy 2023
« on: October 19, 2022, 12:38 »

Surprise on the 2023 calendar. It seems that the Barachi Trophy, this history-defining race will phenix after a 32- year absence. The Baracchi Trophy was known as a time trial raced by pairs (not even teammates), often the final race in the calendar but the first and last editions were an ITT. Is it really going to happen and in the same format as in the good ol' days ? If it is going to happen that would be on 1 October, so just before the Tour of Lombardy. 

Here's an article in Italian but I don't speak Dante's language.

La pubblicazione del calendario 2023 delle corse su strada UCI ha portato con sè una gradita sorpresa. Nell’elenco degli appuntamenti agonistici previsti in Italia c’è anche il Trofeo Baracchi, evento che mancava dal 1991. Tornerà quindi a disputarsi una gara entrata nell’immaginario collettivo degli appassionati di ciclismo, e non solo, per via di una storia lunghissima, iniziata negli anni della Seconda guerra mondiale. Nato nel 1941, il Trofeo Baracchi è stato caratterizzato da diverse formule di svolgimento, fino al 1958, quando prese le sembianze di un’unica cronometro a coppie.

La gara a due rimase tale fino al 1990, quando vinsero il tedesco Rolf Gölz & e il neerlandese Tom Cordes. Nel 1991, poi, si corse una crono individuale, in cui si impose lo svizzero Tony Rominger; quella rimase l’ultima edizione del Trofeo Baracchi, almeno fino al 2023. A ridare vita alla storica corsa, come riporta Repubblica, è Beppe Manenti, organizzatore della Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi. La gara, che dovrebbe corrersi fra Bergamo e Brescia, si svolgerà l’1 ottobre 2023 (livello UCI 1.1) e prevederà anche una competizione femminile.

Nell’Albo d’oro del Trofeo Baracchi ci sono nomi leggendari del ciclismo italiano e internazionale: Francesco Moser l’ha vinto 5 volte, con altrettanti compagni diversi (uno di questi fu lo storico rivale Beppe Saronni, nel 1979); Felice Gimondi ne ha portati a casa due (uno insieme a Jacques Anquetil) e, fra gli altri, anche il belga Eddy Merckx ha lasciato due firme sulle strade di Lombardia, imponendosi insieme al connazionale Ferdinand Bracke. Andando più indietro negli anni, c’è anche il nome di Fausto Coppi, che di Baracchi ne ha vinti 4.

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    Re: Baracchi Trophy 2023
    « Reply #1 on: October 19, 2022, 13:21 »
    Interesting. The article doesn't really mention what format it'll be run in though, as far as I can see from the automated translation - nor is there any info on the UCI calendar.

    But even if it's a "normal" time trial event only, I like the idea of occasionally adding those to the calendar again. Although maybe not in the same month as Chrono des Nations.

    edit: according to, it'll be raced in pairs again, an a route from Bergamo to Brescia
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    Re: Baracchi Trophy 2023
    « Reply #2 on: October 19, 2022, 14:22 »
    Please let it be on road bikes and not on TT bikes.
    Please let it be on road bikes and not on TT bikes.
    Please let it be on road bikes and not on TT bikes.
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    Re: Baracchi Trophy 2023
    « Reply #3 on: October 20, 2022, 19:53 »
    edit: according to, it'll be raced in pairs again, an a route from Bergamo to Brescia

    That's great. They get a traditional route back. Though actually the Baracchi Trophy changed route several times throughout the years but you had the Bergamo to Brescia route in 1959 and between 1971 and 1975. In 1959 it was 116 km (win for Ercole Baldini and Aldo Moser) and in the seventies it was 109 km. Bergamo was always start or finish (or both) from 1944 (first edition) to 1981 when they moved to Tuscany and then later to Trentino/Alto Adige.

    So getting to Bergamo is in itself a return to the classics. Actually the Baracchi Trophy was created by a merchant of Bergamo Mino Baracchi in memory of his father Angelo Baracchi who was passionate about cycling.

    The name Baracchi would always make me laugh when I was a child because in the Walloon dialects, a "baraki" used to mean a "gipsy" and by extension, in Walloon French, a "baraki" would be an unmannered low-class guy. It's become a very pejorative word (while initially neutral to refer to gipsies). :D

    I grew up watching cycling in the nineties, so the Baracchi Trophy was really before my time unfortunately but I would really often hear commentators whether on Sporza or RTBF (or even French channels) referring to the Baracchi Trophy, typically when you have a two-teammate breakaway as chasing group or lead group, you'd hear them say "these two are doing a Baracchi Trophy". It's really in the cycling collective memory and I must say I'm looking forward to watching it for the first time.

    By the way, an anecdote ! In 1969, Davide Boifava was scheduled to partner the late Herman Vanspringel. Eddy Merckx was back on track after his dramatic crash in Blois which killed derny-pacer Fernand Wambst but he was not 100% fit. Teammate Roger Swerts was meant to partner him. But all of a sudden Swerts must pull out of the race and the organisers wanted local hero Boifava to partner Merckx in order to secure his victory. Boifava is a man from Brescia but the route that year was from Bergamo to Bergamo. Anyway Boifava is still a Lombardian. Vanspringel was furious - he who was usually so still. He had trained with Boifava and all of a sudden he had no more teammate. They had to find Joaquim Agostinho in Portugal, who was already on holiday. Vanspringel and Agostinho couldn't even train together. They even could not speak the same language. And yet, they ended up winning the race. The Merckx-Boifava pair was only third. Merckx was really not fit enough but organisers did not see that. Irony !

    I don't think that such story would happen again. I guess the UCI wouldn't let the organisers chose how to form the pairs in order to make their favourite team up with the best man anymore. Probably only teammates will be allowed.

    In 1984, you had a similar case. Francesco Moser would team up with Bernard Hinault in order to secure a win for Moser, associated with the best time trialist of the era, himself being a specialist of course. Moser was racing on his Mexico bike which he used to "break" the Merckx hour (actually to set an hour performance). So the win could not escape the pair. Hinault was normally the best time-trialist of the two but he then rode on an ordinary bike and had a hard to keep up with Moser on an aerobike. So I can but agree with Drummer Boy, of course.

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    Re: Baracchi Trophy 2023
    « Reply #4 on: November 04, 2022, 19:53 »
    The return of the Baracchi Trophy next year makes me think of which other disappeared race we would love to see back.

    Already 5 years ago, the 11-town tour (Elfstedenronde) was back after 40+ years (but for a few editions in the 80's).

    I think getting Bordeaux-Paris and Paris-Brest-Paris back as pro competitive races is unrealistic. Mainly because it would trouble ordinary traffic.

    The one we would most love to see back is I guess the Züri-Metzgete, I particularly liked the 90's route in the plains rather than mid-mountain route around Zurich in the last editions.

    I guess I wouldn't surprise you if I say I would like to see Paris-Brussels back as Paris-Brussels and not the Brussels classic.

    Some of you would like to see the GP des Nations back but it would face the competition of the ITT Worlds. There were plenty of ITT's in the good old days such as the Lugano GP, the Forli GP or the Diessenhoffen GP.

    I also liked the Cronostaffetta concept. A 3-stage race. In its early editions, you had three ITT's (short, medium and long). One rider per team for each ITT and a team GC.

    Also I'd love to see those Italian races back such as the Tour of Lazio (not as Roma Maxima please) or the GP Montelupo for instance. There were so many Italian singe-day races. 
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    Re: Baracchi Trophy 2023
    « Reply #5 on: November 06, 2022, 15:43 »

    I don't really speak Cervantes' language but the article seems interesting.

    La crono a dúos del Baracchi guarda una singular historia de Indurain
    El Trofeo Baracchi fue uno de esos mundiales oficiosos de crono, disputado en parejas, con un amplio historial y efemérides tan singulares como aquella edición de 1985, cuando Miguel Indurain formó dupla con Julián Gorospe.

    Antes de esa edición por eso, si viajamos a su origen, nos iríamos a 1941 con victoria de Michele Motta, en un formato aún individual.

    Cabría buscar en la postguerra, 1953, para saber de la primera en dúo: la ganaría Fausto Coppi, acompañado por el también italiano Riccardo Filippi.

    La prueba empezó en la Toscana, pero se mudaría al Trentino, concretamente a Trento, la capital de la región, sede de esa edición de 1985.

    Con el tiempo se solaparía con el Gran Premio de las Naciones que ganaría Tony Rominger, volviendo a la fórmula de crono individual.

    Por cierto, que el Gran Premio Eddy Merckx, otra prueba contrarreloj de gran prestigio, también adoptó la competición por parejas.

    Entre sus ganadores estuvo la formada por Abraham Olano, ganador individual un año antes, y Chente García allá por 1998, el gran año del guipuzcoano que venía de ganar la Vuelta y el mundial contra el crono.

    Nadie ganó tantas veces el Baracchi como el excelso Francesco Moser, croner de talla mundial e ídolo de la zona, mejor que leyendas como Gimondi, Anquetil y Merckx, sin omitir a Coppi.

    Ya veis qué nombres trae el evento.

    Ahora el Trofeo Baracchi vuelve a escena, será el 1 de octubre del año próximo, en una noticia que a los que guardamos recortes nos toca un poco el corazón.

    Será en Arco, cerca de Trento, de mano del organizador de Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi, en uno de esos ejemplos cómo el ciclismo de ocio puede retroalimentar el de competición.

    El Baracchi entra con pie propio en una lista de competiciones que en Italia, en otoño, es entretenidísima: Giro della Toscana, Coppa Sabatini, Memorial Pantani, Coppa Agostoni, Giro dell’Emilia, Coppa Bernocchi, Tre Valli Varesine, Gran Piemonte, Il Lombardia, Giro del Veneto y Veneto Classic.

    La edición de 1985 se celebró el sábado 28 de septiembre.

    96 kilometrazos sobre la ruta y entre otras parejas, algunas cargadas de brillo: Caroli-Wilson, Bernard-Wiss, Braun Giovanetti, Criquielion-Matthys… aunque ninguna como la formada por Bernard Hinault y Greg Lemond, primero y segundo en aquel Tour, que llegaron a la cita cortos de forma, acabando a casi seis minutos de los mejores, la pareja formada por Hans Henrik Oersted y Francesco Moser.

    Danés e italiano se papearon la 96 kilómetros en menos de dos horas.

    Decir que, a modo premonitorio, Hinault se vio incapaz de seguir a su compañero americano, lastrando su resultado.

    Ya sabemos qué pasaría nueve meses después en el partido de vuelta del Tour.

    Gran canaria 400×400
    Endura 400×400
    Cruz 400×400
    En la hoja de abandonos de la crono a dúos sólo figuró la pareja del Reynolds formada por Julián Gorospe y Miguel Indurain.

    Y eso que la crono no empezó mal, con los dos ciclistas en azul marcando el segundo mejor registro en el primer punto.

    Luego vinieron los problemas, Indurain cogió «una pájara impresionante», como la definió Julián Gorospe en Ciclismo a Fondo, teniendo que poner pie a tierra a diez kilómetros de meta.

    Ya veis, mucho antes de Sestriere, Aprica o Les Arcs, sus pájaras más sonadas, Miguel Indurain vio nublado en su terreno, en una crono, una de esas citas que llevan a la belle époque del ciclismo y que el primero de octubre seguro veremos con el mismo interés con el que buscábamos sus resultados en el diario hace más de treinta años.

    1. Francesco MOSER *it &
        Hans-Erik OERSTED *dk in 1h58'26"
    2. Daniele Caroli *it &
        Michael Wilson  *au + 24"
    3. Jean-François Bernard *fr &
        Beno Wiss *it  à 2'00"
    4. Gregor Braun *de &
        Marco Giovannetti *it  + 2'47"
    5. Daniel Gisiger *ch &
        Serge Demierre *ch + 3'35"
    6. Roberto Calovi *it &
         Walter Magnago *it + 4'02"
    7. Urs Freuler *ch &
        Claudio Vandelli *it + 5'00"
    8. Bernard Hinault *fr &
        Greg LeMond *usa + 5'09"
    9. Claude Criquielion *be &
        Rudy Matthijs *be + 5'48"
    10. Claudio Corti *it  &
          Claudio Torelli *it + 8'07"
    11. Silvestro Milani *it &
          Roberto Pagnin *it + 8'48"
    Abandon : Julian Gorospe *es & Miguel Indurain *es
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