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Re: Cricket V2- Hi AG!
« Reply #30 on: August 16, 2012, 17:28 »
Pitch is flat.
So worrying signs for the SA batsmen who should not be on the backfoot, combination of bad luck and poor play, but Finn surely has secured the 3rd pace bowler slot today. Though he should have secured it long ago anyways, it seems that these 3 should also be the 3 in the ODI team, with Bresnan one again making way, if none of them are being rested for tests. T20 Bresnan should still have a claim considering Anderson is generally too expensive in the format, but I watched Finn in a CB40 at Lords for Middlesex last year where he took a 5 for and he was absolutely unbelievable and I think he will be just as effective in T20 especially as the selectors seem to favour him for their limited overs sides. Onions seems to be on the outskirts of the team, but the way I see it he doesnt offer anything the others do not. Tremlett? Maybe but he needs to stay injury free and build up sufficient form because being seriously considered

All in all that leaves little room for the likes of Dernbach or Meaker, but none of them have yet to show anything to suggest they are capable of matching these 4, Dernbach seems too one dimensional to me to become a ODI or Test bowler and if played right he can be a massive liability in tests. There really isnt room for many new bowlers to stake their claim at the moment with guys like Shahzad and Plunkett, though I dont rate them anyway, really unlikely to ever have another shoo in.
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