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Re: Cricket V2- Hi AG!
« Reply #30 on: August 17, 2012, 18:57 »
I'm torn.  Between wanting England to play well and bat through tomorrow to get themselves into a commanding position, and Bairstow being the man who will have to do that job...  Sure they haven't played that well this series, but to criticise the England batting to the extent that some of you lot have done is to disregard everything that they have done over the last 2 years.  however, for the greater good, I hope he and Prior get stuck in tomorrow and go big.

Dropping Pietersen was a masterstroke. WTF were England thinking. The batting's sh*te, and they have to depend of the Belly to score their runs.

Ram, I know you love to criticise Bell, but fact is, he has been arguably the most consistent batsman for England in that time, and is a far cry from the player he was back in 2007.  KP being dropped was clearly non-negotiable.  No matter his game changing ability with the bat, what he did, in the eyes of the England management (who are the ones who really matter here), crossed the line- not only with the texts, but also in trying to dictate the terms of his availability. 

Its getting like England under Nassir Hussain in having a next to useless batting line up.   
At least we have 6 batters though which is something and not committing suicide with 5.

Sub, it's very harsh to say that England have gone back to the revolving door and ineptitude of the 1990s.  A marked feature of the last few years has been their consistency in selection, which has paid dividends, and lest we forget, got them to the top of the world rankings (although imho this is only a statistics and doesn't mean a great deal).  Taylor and Bairstow are two very promising young players who the ECB clearly like the look of, and want to bring into the test set up.  They are young, and will take time to find their feet, but they deserve that chance.  Incidentally, Prior is easily good enough to bat at 6.
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