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Re: Cricket V2- Hi AG!
« Reply #30 on: August 18, 2012, 01:10 »
Aye, I love to criticise him. Watch Kohli next :D

He has been consistent, no doubt, but the situation has always been such that it was against powder puff. His best contributions came on the Jaarpie tour of 2009, some proper innings in adverse conditions. Once the challenge became a bit more difficult than facing Mark Ealham like Indian dobbers or Mitchell on Johnson form, he flopped again. See Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka and again this series. Need more from him at such times, and I don't believe he'll be a KP or even a Cook or Strauss (remember his form in India during the KP Moores fiasco) at their peak for mine.

Speaking of KP Moores, did Pietersen get knighted for booting out that incompetent nonsense?
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