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Re: Cricket V2- Hi AG!
« Reply #60 on: August 29, 2012, 12:55 »
Very sad to see him go.  His achievements as captain put him up there with the England greats.  He always sought (and more often than not succeeded) to lead by example, a fantastic role model, and an ultimate team man.  I can understand why he has called it quite, although I thought he would go on until after the next Ashes series.  A bit surprised that he's retired completely - thought he would just retire from international cricket, and then perhaps see out the season with Middlesex, but enough is enough I suppose. 

As for a replacement - bearing in mind that their first assignment will be to tour India, arguably the hardest place in the world to tour, hmm....  During their rise to the top, England seemed to have reasonable strength in depth in the middle order, and it was all built on a solid and dependable opening partnership (most successful for England ever I think...?), so there was no need to look for a replacement.  Whereas Bopara, Morgan, Bairstow, and Taylor have all been blooded at number 6 (and the likes of Compton who have come close are also middle order players), there has been no need to find an opener/top 3 bat.  Likely candidates that I can see therefore, are a bit thin on the ground.  Carberry has one test to his name, and then got jettisonned.  Has since had a carear threatening illness but come back to something near his best.  Joe Root is clearly the man the selectors like the  look of, but  is possibly a season too early at least I would have thought.  Outside shot could be Jimmy Adams (although I may be suffering from Hampshire bias here!), but has had a number of good season's in recent years and tends to score big hundreds.  Potential downside being that both Carbs and Adams are 31.  Other possibilities could be Varun Chopra?  Any others...?
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