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Re: Tylers Book - September 18th
« on: September 05, 2012, 04:28 »
It is interesting, that individuals like Cadel(Ferrari) Schleck(puerto) Riis(manager of Contador) and I would guess others like Julich(CSC,Lances assistants) are being mentioned now. I would think anyone associated with Astana, Now going back to its inception, would be in the hot seat. Sastre, just blows thing off, the guy Pereiro, who took Floyds' win was as dirty as the rest of the lot. Contador did n't just have a little bad beefsteak, he was eating the same steaks back with Vinos Liberty team, Discovery, back to Astana(same morals as Liberty, etc.
Even though I knew the score, and even called out guys from the 80s and 70s, the chickens have come to roost.
Lay it on me Tyler baby, burn it down, burn it all the way to hell, pull no punches, and I an Armstrong lover will clue you in on anything you need help with. Shoulda let it go though, because in 2 years it will be the same doping story.
Great entertainment, as Armstrong thumbs his nose, livin large, and the same needles, find the same tummy fat.....
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