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Re: Track - General news thread
« Reply #180 on: December 08, 2016, 12:40 »
I'm not going to say that Sutton isn't a bogan. However, I don't see how Varnish got screwed. From the outside, it seems her results merited what happened. And that isn't even taking into consideration her "it's everyone else's fault" interview.

A situation with similarities to Pietersen, except not that good.
BA: "We regret all this happened and are sacking Sutton" but also: "Actually Varnish, we don't think 8/9 things you said really happened" aka what we actually mean by everything is: "Oh dear, this happened on our watch let's do what we can for PR and hope it blows over whilst not really realising we need to make serious changes".

flip the flipping flipers and if I still had my CA cycling license it'd be in microwave the day they signed the prehistoric flipwit. flip them too.
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