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Re: Track - General news thread
« Reply #180 on: December 08, 2016, 12:44 »
Sheilas is offensive ?

I seems to me that BC have tried to please both sides JV wins but SS doesn´t really get any damage to rep and will be hired probably by Cycling Australia

fwiw I recon SS is a sexist twit, but JV got screwed

"Sheilas" may be the least offensive (not non-offensive) term used if you look at them just on their own but in the context and the intent of the situations that SS was saying everything in then clearly, it was all wrong.

8 out of 9 claims made by Jess Varnish rejected by the independent review.
Only the use of the term bitches, upheld:-

I am aware of a scenario, at the time of the World cups prior to Rio, whereby the collective term "bitches" could, and imo, should have been used.

I can think of exactly 0 scenarios where any male in any position of power, should be using any sexist language towards women at all, especially those under their care and employ.
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