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Re: Track - General news thread
« Reply #180 on: November 10, 2019, 11:06 »
I see your point.
But: You can only beat those who turn up. I was at the (road) Worlds in September, and in some classes there were only a handful of competitors. In one class, there was only one starter who logically won /gm & #rainbow.

I don't know what the solution should be: Running classes together if they're not large enough on their own? That would mean that (random example) the C1s would have a very hard time against the C2s; there's a reason they're classified as they are. Only awarding medals if you have more than X starters? It's hardly the fault of those athletes that do line up when they have little competition.
I agree that it doesn't look great, and is a problem. But I don't have a ready answer for it.

Yes that's where I guess we disagree

Giving medals where no actual sport has been involved (single competitor run) demeans para sport.  As administrators push for equality in the minds of public and organisers they cannot offer World Cup golds in walk overs - no matter how dispiriting for the few athletes turning up.  The public have to believe that a para gold was earned / is worth as much as other golds and three medals for three competitors or gold for soloists won't cut it.

I think other sports get round this by awarding one less medal than competitors entered - ie you have to have beaten someone to get on the podium, and if that leads to partial podiums or scratched events then so be it.

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