Downhill Course-

2.6km course, altitude difference of 524 metres

Aaron Gwin

And Aaron Gwin

followed by Greg Minaar, jack in the box Danny Hart and an outside chance for the not quite Micheal, Gee Atherton

in the women
It's Gee's sister Rachel that's one of the favourites, and that's all I know I'll say

4X course-

I don't know anything about this, and still wonder why not just cross country?
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    Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

    Larri Nov 12, 2014


    Poor form :P Downhill thread

    Greg Minaaar won the worlds. How grouse is that.

    Anyway, twas too easy for the Suisse in the Cross Country. Happy days for Nino Schurter.
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