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Re: Emma Pooley
« on: August 12, 2014, 00:09 »
You're right I didn't understand your cryptic post.  I took it as it was written. If it was meant to be ironic or facetious it fell very short of the mark.  Please don't take that badly from me, I just didn't get it.  I normally enjoy reading your posts on Women's cycling and I wish you would post more.
It was a poor post, which I should have edited and put some more time into.  I just think British Cycling have trashed so much talent on the women's side. Wendy Houvenhagel is another who must have a tale to tell.

I had quite a listening day yesterday. On the Radio 4   business program in the evening they were talking to the engineers and CEO of MAT, McLaren Applied Technology and the female engineering boss was saying how BC were a very big customer of theirs.  She went on about how they did special bikes for project Rainbow that allowed Cav to become the First British World Road Champion since Tommy Simpson.  She personally did a lot of work for that project working to support Sir David, Ellingworth Cav and the rest.

  I wondered how she might feel on two counts.  One that in a couple of years, some bloke came along and designed a bike for another rider and then he controlled the press and totally wiped out her history of work and said that despite various female engineers working to design state of the art bikes on which World Road Titles are won, because they were girlies and girlies work is worthless, they weren't even given a mention instead Andy Capp's 2017 bike is touted as the first British Technologically leading machine since Harry Smith's state of the art machine in 1968.  Her work is written out of history.

Then at another level, I wonder how she would feel if she worked in an organisation funded out of the public purse that had separate male and female programs.  The male engineering program was given a budget of millions from the public purse to work with,  carbon fibre mouldmakers and oven availability oozing out of its ears.  She was given a few steel tubes and a half full set of Oxy/Acetylene bottles and told she should be blo*dy grateful she is even being allowed in the workshop.  All press stories will be about the male team and only they will have profile.  That just about models the efforts of BC at Copenhagen for the GB men and women.

Given those two I wonder quite what she might think about being a female road rider with BC as your service provider ?  I wonder would she then add the spin writing Beryl, Mandy and Nicole out of the History books quite a glibly as she did last night. 

Somehow I think she would be screaming from the roof-tops.
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