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Re: Your trainer workouts
« on: October 19, 2012, 16:47 »
That is my point...but...but...
I am using them also like weight training 2x40 squats and then jump on rollers for 30 min...just for legs keep relaxing... hard session per week would not be a killer, just to not get know...3-4 hard session at this time of the year is a problem...


during the winter I tend to ride less, weekends mostly and that due to low light, evenings I will ride the rollers about three times a week but rarely go more than an hour as it is just too boring, and I think counter productive.

As the spring starts to lead into more outdoor riding I will increase the intensity of roller workouts, but I don't increase the time of any of them.

On resource which I have used for years and find very helpful is a book called The Heart Rate Monitor Workbook  ( ) it has detailed workouts of different types and you can tailor a program.  If you buy this book, look for an older edition, like the one shown, as it has clearer details for HRM use.  Later editions tried to conflate HRM andd PM use and they messed it up.

in spring there are a couple of workouts in that book that I do once each per week and I can barely focus my eyes after those, so they are doing what they are supposed to do.

But over the winter, I do snowshoing, XC skiing, body weight exercises, hit the gym for weights and Erg machine workouts.  It all works, it's a break and I don't have spend more than an hour on a trainer or rollers.
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