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Re: Your trainer workouts
« on: December 28, 2012, 20:10 »
Personally I've only ever done 90 minute sessions, but if the weather was foul I'd do three sessions a day (early morning, lunchtime, evening) of an hour each.

Best I've ever seen is this...
When I was riding for Tulip in 91 I was living in a house with a few other pros including an East German guy called Olaf Jensch (sp?)... Olaf was a stickler for adhering to his training schedule (if it said do 5 hours he would, to the minute)... We were due to do a six hour ride one Wednesday but it was blowing a gale and snowing, so instead of braving the elements he set up his rollers, jumped on and started riding... the full six hours! (I sh*t you not, six bloody hours on the rollers  :fp)

that's insane...

Did two hours today,
20 relaxed minutes as warming-up
from then on it was suffering time, 6x6 minutes at heartrate of 170-180 and 5 min rest in between at a heartrate of 140-150.
then 140-150 until the 2 hours were done :p
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