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First race this year was 6km cronometro on city Championship, I took first place in master B 40+ cos I was only one in that cat ;D, but I did well with over 171 max HR and 44km max speed with back wind :-*. It is so unpopular discipline here, maybe 2 or races per year. Only three riders including me actually bring TT bikes and stuff.
My camera are dying so I only can took videos. ???
It was held on auxiliary air strip, with strong head wind for more then of 75% course, I did 2 laps of 3km, 6km in total, with 4 turns when speed drops at zero virtually. I do not have any times yet (mine I think was 10min 35sec), but my cycling club destroyed all possible master cat;D excpet elite and U23 cat ::)

Zagreb city cronometro Champion short video, elite did 12km

2nd place dude

Those are among strongest amateurs here, those who sucks in Poreč trophy, remember broom vagon.

My friend from another cycling club dying at finish, take notice at kit design :D
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