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Today was memorial race with some serious police escort throughout city (about 25km prologo) and then some 5 km uphill to start. About 40 or so riders, from kids to pros.
I was dead at start already, at some moment I thought I am fast coz I was sucking wheel of 28th place at Worlds (Geelong), and 34th place in Worlds at Kopenhagen last year, but then i realized he is pushing with right hand some 13 or so old kid :fp, kool moment, very kool.

Race was actually only 3,5km long but tough hill, with some last 200m of really really bad cobles, so I was trying to find some way through but somehow stuck at the mud and dirt and fall :fp speed was about 12 km/h. ;D
Descent was actually more scary, next year mtb with 22 teeth. I sucks at hills.

First places won by pros, from Loborika team, and Meridiana Kamen team.

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