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Other1 – current doctor at Liquigas, was doctor at Fassa Bortolo in 2004 and discussed doping with Danielson but doesn’t seem to have helped very much?
Roberto Corsetti

Other2 – CSC team director, introduced Tyler Hamilton to Fuentes
Bjarne Riis

Other3 – 2004 JB assistant, 2007 Disco employee involved in transporting and administering doping , also part of Radioshack in 2011 and threatened Levi, told Floyd team bikes were sold to fund doping
Geert Duffeleer (Duffy)

Other4 – Frieburg Clinic, sold EPO to Jaksche in 1999
Lothar Heinrich

Other5 – Belgian staff member of USPS in 2004, 2007 Disco Dr who administered transfusions during the Tour
Dr. Dag van Elslande[1]

Other6 - said he would talk to Bill Stapleton about getting proper equipment to Floyd since equipment was sold off to fund doping
Bart Knaggs (CS&E)

Other7 – a coach of Levi’s 1999, 2000, 2001 who sold EPO
Rich CrawfordCrawford admits helping Levi Dope

Other8 – Rabobank doctor who sold Levi EPO
Geert Leinders

Other9 - OReilly says Others 9 and 10 and Celaya administered USPS doping program in 1997
Johny Welz

Other10 - OReilly says Others 9 and 10 and Celaya administered USPS doping program in 1997
Jose Arenas Source: From Lance to Landis Page 83 - Described as a whizz with a needle by Emma O'Rielly

Other11 - no longer with USPS in 1998 but OReilly says she picked up a package of testoserone for Hincapie from him
Freddy Viaene

Other12 - a host for USPS team at 1998 Tour, told OReilly about the disposal of doping products, was dating Other13
Louise Donald Source: LA confidential Page 97 Onwards

Other13 - mechanic during 1998 Tour, dating Other12
Geoff Brown Source: LA confidential Page 97 Onwards

Other14 - along with Other15 came up with the story to get the 1999 cortisone backdated
Thom Weisel Unredacted O'Reilly Statement

Other15 – told Vaughters he wouldn’t get Mad Cow from Actovegin
Mark GorskiUnredacted O'Reilly Statement

Other16  - 2003 USPS assistant director who encouraged cover-up of doping
Dirk Demol

Other17 – provided over $100,000 for Floyd’s doping
Andy Rihs

Other18 – Armstrong assistant and handyman in Nice (1997), French, “Motoman”
Phillipe Maire - Ownder of Stars  n Bikes in Nice

NoCode - Barry says a 1999 Saturn team doctor gave him Synacthen
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - Barry says a staff doctor at an early 2003 race told him EPO and testosterone might be a good idea, I think the name ends with 'a'
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - a doctor Hincapie introduced to Barry in South Carolina. Supplied Barry with EPO in 2003. I think the name ends with 's'.
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - a USPS doctor provided Barry with cortisone in a race in 2003, I think the name ends with an 'e'.
? ? ? ? ?

It's interesting that the redacted names in Barry's affidavit aren't coded. He doesn't seem to have been a part of the criminal investigation so I think he may have been a late addition?
 1. Just to fill in a bit on van Elslande, he was the doctor at Discovery and then Astana and finally at Radioshack (last seen in 2010, doesnt appear to make the move to Radioshack/Leopard). During 2010 he also became the doctor for the Fuji test team which later became Geox.
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