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Frieburg Papers

Bert Dietz (admitted 2007)
Christian Henn (admitted 2007)
Brian Holm (admitted 2007)
Olaf Ludwig
Steffen Wesemann
Rolf Aldag (admitted 2007)
Udo bolts (admitted 2007)
Jens Heppner
Bjarne Riis
Andreas Kloden

All except Riis named as using Orciprenaline administered by Jeff All also named as using EPO, cortisone etc . Dietz recieved HGH

Robert Lechner (Cortisone)
Kloden (Blood transfusions)
Matthias Kesseler (Blood Transfusions)
Jorg Muller (Andriol, testosterone, amphetamines)
Robert Lechner (Andriol, Stanozolol, cortisone)

Includes testimony by Patrick Sinkewitz (EPO, Transfusions) and Jorg Jaksche (multiple doping methods)
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