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A list of riders in the USADA documents linked to doping outside of the six banned by USADA, Lance, Tyler, Kevin Livingstone, and Floyd. Please include the source.

This thread is for detailed lists of the riders involved. For discussion over who the riders are please use the discussion thread. http://velorooms.com/the-doping-section/other-riders-linked-to-doping-through-usada-evidence-(discussion-thread)

Bertagnolli Witness Statement

Franco Pellizotti
Ramian Kreuziger
Enrico Gasparotto
Francesco Chicchi
Yaroslav Popovych
Volodymyr  Bileka
Alexandre Vinokourov
Alessandro Bertolini
Morris Possoni
"A Nepher of Moser" likely Leonardo Moser
Simon Spilak

All attended training Camps of Dr Ferrari

Grega Bole - Named as a suppliar of AICAR

Bertagnolli also says that Ferrari discussed with him that Contadors clenbuterol positive was tampered with at the Lab.

Riders Connected to Eufamiano Fuentes

Roberto Heras - Doping Schedules, notes etc
Marcos Serrano - Blood transfusion records, payment records
Angel Vicioso -  Blood transfusion records, payment records
Dariuz Baranowsky - Liberty Seguros Team Calendars
Joseba Beloki - Payment Records
David Etxabarria - Payment records
Nuno Ribeiro - Liberty Seguros Team Calendars
Jorge Jaksche - Multiple peices of evidence
Michele Scarponi - Multiple peices of evidence
Allan Davis - Team Calendars, handwritten notes
Alberto Contador - Team Calendars, Handwritten documents
Sergio Paulinho - Team Calendars
Unai Ose Eizaguirre - Calendars, conversation transcripts
Isidro Nozal - Multiple references
Giampaolo Caruso - team Calendars
Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano - Team Calendars
Jesus Manzano - misc evidence
Carols Garcia Quesada - Team Calendars
Angel Casero - Team calendars
Carols Zarate Fernandez - Team Calendars
Vicente Ballester - Team Calendars
David Bernabeu - Team Calendars
David Blanco - Team Calendars
Jose Adrian Bonilla - Team Calendars
Juan Gomis - Team Calendars
Eladio Jimenez - Team Calendars
David Latasa - Team Calendars
Ruben Plaza - Team Calendars
Santiago Perez - multiple peices of evidence
Jose Ignacio Gutierrez Cataluna - Multiple peices of evidence

Michael Barry Testimony

Victor Hugo Pena - attended Ferrari training camps
Chechu Rubiera - attended Ferrari training camps

Rider1 – Ferrari client at 2005 Tenerife training camp and who used EPO during the 2006 Giro (Danielson)
Paolo Salvodelli

Rider2 – rode 2006 Giro and was upset at Disco’s lack of an organized doping program for the race (Danielson), Landis says he was in the 2003 Tour team and transfused during race, transfused during 2004 Tour team (Landis)
Manuel Beltrán

Rider3 – Italian, Hamilton’s roommate in early 1997, had a centrifuge.
Adriano Baffi is the only Italian on USPS in 1997

Rider4 – lived in Como in 1995 and 1996 with Hincapie, Livingston, and Andreu and used EPO, did well at 1996 Vuelta, 2004 CSC, once had a hematocrit over 50
Then moved to CSC
Bobby Jullich

Rider5 – Hincapie teammate who got transfusions, also mentioned by Zabriskie, lived in Spain, Landis said he was part of the 2003 Tour team, transfused as part of 2004 USPS Tour team
José Luis Rubiera

Rider6 – transfused as part of 2004 USPS Tour team
Pavel Padrnos

Rider7 – Hincapie teammate who got transfusions, tested positive in 2005 Vuelta, Landis said he was part of the 2003 Tour team Also referenced by Jaksche as being in Dr Fuentes Notes
Roberto Heras

Rider8 – Hincapie teammate who got transfusions, also mentioned by Zabriskie, lived in Spain, Landis says he was in the 2003 Tour team and transfused during race
Victor Hugo Pena

Rider9 – 2003 USPS, Landis discussed doping with him
Matthew White Admitted and dismissed from Cycling Australia

Rider10 - 2004 USPS Tour team, transfused (Landis)
Jose Azevedo

Rider11 – in 2001 told VDV EPO had stopped working so well for him, transfused on 2004 USPS Tour team
Vyatcheslave Ekimov

Rider12 - transfused on 2004 USPS Tour team
Benhamin Noval

Rider13 – Levi’s 2001 Vuelta roommate who used EPO and HGH
Chann McRea Ref

Rider14 – Levi’s Rabobank teammate who used EPO
Michael Rasmussen

Rider15 – in 2008 told Levi he’d used EPO during recovery from an injury in 2005 prior to Tour de Suisse
Chris Horner - Rode Suisse following injury

Rider16 – part of the 2007 Disco Tour team who got transfusions
Yaroslav Popovych

Rider17 – 1998 roommate of VDV and Vaughters who used EPO, also shared  ahouse with vaughters
Marty Jemison

Rider18 – VDV roommate who doped, got sick once from EPO that had gotten too warm
Dylan Casey

Rider19 – roomed with Zabriskie during the 2002 Vuelta but didn’t finish the race, had a mysterious package in fridge
Steffen Kjaergaard Kjaergaard says he might be rider 19

Rider20 – part of USPS Tour of Luxembourg team who buried doping products in woods
Benoit Joachim

Rider21 – roomed with Zabriskie in 2004 and used testosterone, kicked Landis out of apartment
Antonio Cruz

Rider22 – Zabriskie credits him with an EPO song
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - Barry's redacted roommate during the 2002 Vuelta had chemical burns
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - Barry's redacted teammate who crashed during the first road stage of the 2002 Vuelta and got cortizone
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - Barry heard that redacted 2002 Vuelta teammate had accidentally left HGH in his hotel room
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - Professional mountainbiker split a shipment of EPO with Barry in 2004
? ? ? ? ?

Levi Leipheimer Testimony

Michael Rogers - Attended Ferrari Training Camps
Andrey Kashechkin - Attended Ferrari Training Camps
Paulo Savoldelli - Attended Ferrari Training Camps
Eddy Mazzoleni - Attended Ferrari Training Camps

Attended Ferrari Training Camps[1]
 1. plus Yaroslav Popovych and Alexandre Vinokourov previously mentioned


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