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 Riders/Staff Named in USADA evidence

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Vande Velde Testimony

Dylan Casey
David Clinger
Chris Horner
Trent Klasna
William Chann McCrae[1]

All listed by Christian as having recieved testosterone tablets from Kristin Armstrong at the 1998 Worlds although earlier claims say that they were only given to the US Postal riders.

 1.  As well as Lance and Jonathan Vaughers


Other1 – current doctor at Liquigas, was doctor at Fassa Bortolo in 2004 and discussed doping with Danielson but doesn’t seem to have helped very much?
Roberto Corsetti

Other2 – CSC team director, introduced Tyler Hamilton to Fuentes
Bjarne Riis

Other3 – 2004 JB assistant, 2007 Disco employee involved in transporting and administering doping , also part of Radioshack in 2011 and threatened Levi, told Floyd team bikes were sold to fund doping
Geert Duffeleer (Duffy)

Other4 – Frieburg Clinic, sold EPO to Jaksche in 1999
Lothar Heinrich

Other5 – Belgian staff member of USPS in 2004, 2007 Disco Dr who administered transfusions during the Tour
Dr. Dag van Elslande[1]

Other6 - said he would talk to Bill Stapleton about getting proper equipment to Floyd since equipment was sold off to fund doping
Bart Knaggs (CS&E)

Other7 – a coach of Levi’s 1999, 2000, 2001 who sold EPO
Rich CrawfordCrawford admits helping Levi Dope

Other8 – Rabobank doctor who sold Levi EPO
Geert Leinders

Other9 - OReilly says Others 9 and 10 and Celaya administered USPS doping program in 1997
Johny Welz

Other10 - OReilly says Others 9 and 10 and Celaya administered USPS doping program in 1997
Jose Arenas Source: From Lance to Landis Page 83 - Described as a whizz with a needle by Emma O'Rielly

Other11 - no longer with USPS in 1998 but OReilly says she picked up a package of testoserone for Hincapie from him
Freddy Viaene

Other12 - a host for USPS team at 1998 Tour, told OReilly about the disposal of doping products, was dating Other13
Louise Donald Source: LA confidential Page 97 Onwards

Other13 - mechanic during 1998 Tour, dating Other12
Geoff Brown Source: LA confidential Page 97 Onwards

Other14 - along with Other15 came up with the story to get the 1999 cortisone backdated
Thom Weisel Unredacted O'Reilly Statement

Other15 – told Vaughters he wouldn’t get Mad Cow from Actovegin
Mark GorskiUnredacted O'Reilly Statement

Other16  - 2003 USPS assistant director who encouraged cover-up of doping
Dirk Demol

Other17 – provided over $100,000 for Floyd’s doping
Andy Rihs

Other18 – Armstrong assistant and handyman in Nice (1997), French, “Motoman”
Phillipe Maire - Ownder of Stars  n Bikes in Nice

NoCode - Barry says a 1999 Saturn team doctor gave him Synacthen
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - Barry says a staff doctor at an early 2003 race told him EPO and testosterone might be a good idea, I think the name ends with 'a'
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - a doctor Hincapie introduced to Barry in South Carolina. Supplied Barry with EPO in 2003. I think the name ends with 's'.
? ? ? ? ?

NoCode - a USPS doctor provided Barry with cortisone in a race in 2003, I think the name ends with an 'e'.
? ? ? ? ?

It's interesting that the redacted names in Barry's affidavit aren't coded. He doesn't seem to have been a part of the criminal investigation so I think he may have been a late addition?
 1. Just to fill in a bit on van Elslande, he was the doctor at Discovery and then Astana and finally at Radioshack (last seen in 2010, doesnt appear to make the move to Radioshack/Leopard). During 2010 he also became the doctor for the Fuji test team which later became Geox.

Dave Zabriskie Testimony

Steffen Kjærgaard - Roomed with him and then dropped out of the 2002 Vuelta (you can see the tail of the J and the G on the documents)

Zabriskie also notes a Tour of Luxembourg incident where a rider hid doping products in the woods. Postal only entered the Tour of Luxembourg in 2001, so the  rider is likely Benoit Joachim[1] 1. Other riders in the squad, Antonio Cruz, Julian Dean, Jamie Burrow, Leipheimer, Kjaergaard and Zabriskie

Frieburg Papers

Bert Dietz (admitted 2007)
Christian Henn (admitted 2007)
Brian Holm (admitted 2007)
Olaf Ludwig
Steffen Wesemann
Rolf Aldag (admitted 2007)
Udo bolts (admitted 2007)
Jens Heppner
Bjarne Riis
Andreas Kloden

All except Riis named as using Orciprenaline administered by Jeff All also named as using EPO, cortisone etc . Dietz recieved HGH

Robert Lechner (Cortisone)
Kloden (Blood transfusions)
Matthias Kesseler (Blood Transfusions)
Jorg Muller (Andriol, testosterone, amphetamines)
Robert Lechner (Andriol, Stanozolol, cortisone)

Includes testimony by Patrick Sinkewitz (EPO, Transfusions) and Jorg Jaksche (multiple doping methods)

Volodymyr Bileka witness statement

Franceso Masciarelli
Simone Masciarelli
Andrea Masciarelli
Leonardo Bertagnolli
Fillipo Pozzato
Stephano Garzelli
Luis Leon Sanchez (And another spanish rider from Caisse d'Epargne).[1]

All named as attending Dr Michele Ferraris training camps.

Later in his testimony he adds the following as clients of Ferrari with whom he met/trained

Andreas Kloden
Vladimir Gusev
Matthias Kessler[2]
 1. And Franco Pellizotti, Popvych, Morris Possoni mentioned in previous posts 2. as well as Andrey Kashechkin and Alexandre Vinokourov previously named as ferrari customer


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