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Re: Chris Froome
« Reply #2670 on: May 29, 2018, 20:24 »
Laura Mesegeur tweeted a link to a reddit conversation that is of great value to this conversation. My comments first, links to follow:

The initial graph is interesting, especially as we have mentioned Contador repeatedly. However, it only contains recent rides. None come close. Landis isn't on the chart.

The reddit conversation contains references to some other, perhaps more comparable, rides. Like Chiapucci, 1992, stage 13, solo 160 km (but he was almost certainly on the sauce, and I DO mean EPO)

A better one might be the man, Merckx himself, 1969, stage 17, solo 130 km and picked up 8 minutes over 3 mt. No EPO back then, but speed and painkillers were a thing. I've never thought they were a big aid - but they would help some. Supposedly Tramadol is better than the pain killers they used back then, fwiw.

Those were the only two examples anyone came up with that were greater than Froome's 80 km, although there may be more. Landis's run should be added though.

reddit /comparison_of_froomes_stage_19_attack_with_other/
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