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Re: Chris Froome
« Reply #2760 on: October 15, 2019, 16:40 »
With all the EPO coming out of Kenyan runners, I have no faith in Kipchoge. Even if he wasn't doped, he drafted the whole race - which is like drafting in a TT in cycling - at least kinda. Not quite as much, but for someone to draft over a marathon, they have to be following somebody who is faster for at least most of the distance.

I'll tell you what tho - re Froomey? Glanced at the Tour 2020 route - and I'm thinking I might have to get in on the prediction thread, 'cause right now I can predict either Froome or Enal to win. More in the Betting thread.
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    . . .He had the bit between his teeth, and he loiked the taste, mate . . .


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